"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Drum roll please...Rowan's final Kidd's Kids 2015 fundraising total is...

As most of you know, Rowan has raised money for Kidd's Kids every year, since he was blessed by their organization in 2011 with his trip to Disney World. He has sold his autographed picture, made  ginger lemonade, sold his recipe, hosted BBQ & Wine benefits at Copa Wine Bar for his birthday the past few Summer's, etc.  This year, on top of the annual Copa Wine Bar Event, "Rowan's Smokehouse", he also decided to sell some of his original artwork.  He did some special, textured paintings, and sold them at the event.  They were so popular that people started messaging me, asking how they could get one of his paintings too.  The response was overwhelming.  You may remember that he even had to paint from his hospital bed this past June and July, just to keep up!

Here are some of the paintings he did...so bright, so beautiful...

As I mentioned, many he did from his bed in the hospital...

Some of the nurses caring for him bought some...

He even had one of his favorite doctors commission a very special piece of art.  She wanted him to make one for a family that she cared for who had recently lost their son, Julian.  Rowan wanted to make it a Captain America inspired Angel, in Julian's honor.

He made two pressings of this painting... one for the family, and one for the doctor who asked him to make one for them.

Here he is presenting his commissioned piece to the doctor...

She loved it, and was so moved by it.

Another priceless painting that he did was this one...

Rowan said that this one was "a broken heart that Jesus is putting back together" (see the cross in the middle of the broken heart?).  One day while Rowan was in PICU this Summer, there was an obvious crisis in the room next door, and after many hours of fighting, the young person lost their battle.  Rowan is so intuitive about things like this.  He just knew how sad the staff was, and when that patient's physician came in to Rowan's room later, Rowan knew her heart was hurting.  He wrote her this note on the back of the broken heart painting...

She hung it in her office, and tells us that she looks at it often, and how it helps her cope.

The stories that I started getting from complete strangers, who had special requests, were so moving!  One woman asked for a painting that would help her daughter who had been making poor decisions and doing drugs.  She wanted Rowan to paint something that would give her hope.  Another wanted a painting to represent the baby she miscarried.  Another, to represent her winning her battle with Cancer.  Another, for the daughter she lost. Requests like this just kept pouring in... there were too many too recount here.  Rowan never acted put out, or tired of these requests...on the contrary he was honored and inspired by each story.  And from the feedback that we received after they got their paintings in the mail...he did a great job.  So many were blown away by how perfect his representations were, so many sent us pictures of his artwork framed in their home or office.  It was surreal.  The only reason I finally had to stop this fundraiser, and give Rowan a break from the painting was because he needed to wrap up the homeschooling that we were so behind in.  

We want to thank each and every one of you who purchased one of Rowan's paintings for Kidd's Kids.  100% of the proceeds went directly to Kidd's Kids, and will help them take even more families of chronically and terminally ill children and their families to Disney World together each year.  Thank you for your support!

The final total that Rowan raised this Summer for Kidd's Kids was...


He couldn't have done it without the love and support of all of you.

While Rowan was at the Kidd's Kids Annual Golf Tournament and Mardi Gras Bash in New Orleans this Summer, to present his check to the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Crew, he got the surprise of his life.  Chuck and Mindi Hartzog had arranged for his favorite Super Hero to join him on stage.  He was shocked and amazed!  I will never forget the tears I shed as Iron Man told Rowan that he was the real hero there.  It was priceless.  And how perfect that he brought along Captain America too.  It's like Julian was there with him in spirit.  Thank you Chuck and Mindi for this amazing blessing and the memory that will Rowan will keep with him always!


* A lot of people are still messaging me, wanting one of Rowan's paintings.  I promise that sometime very soon, Rowan will do another charity fundraiser, selling his paintings once again.  This time, the proceeds will go to the Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation, the non-profit that we started to help other families who spend a lot of time in the hospital, like Rowan does.  More details soon, but just know, if you missed out this Summer, you will soon have your chance to acquire a Rowan original:)  And 100% of those proceeds will bless families staying in the hospital.  We currently donate to hospitals in San Antonio, New Orleans, and Seattle.


  1. He is an amazing child. I know of a Julian who just passed, so this really touched me. Bless you, sweet child, God's hand had touched you.

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