"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crosses, shoes, blankets and shields... all gifts from the heart

Going to infusion clinic is a chore, I'm not going to lie.  We live an hour away, we know we are going to be there a minimum of 6-8 hours each time, and we have to pack so many bags to take everything Rowan needs for the day, as well as what his nurse and I need for the day.  Don't get me wrong, the nurses and doctors are wonderful, the child life specialist and art therapist totally rock, and there is a game room, dvd players, and even a wii.  But, how many of us ever feel like we have an extra day in our week to spare?  Like a day that you have time to just go sit and wait for 8 hours.  Not many I'm betting.  But you know what, even in a boring 8 hour doctor appointment you can be blessed, sometimes even two or three times in a row.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I've talked before about how special the friendships are that you form when your children go through these situations, and how strong those bonds become. The kids understand each other, and the parents know what you're going through, because they are going through it all too.  Well yesterday we were blessed by 3 sets of parents and fellow patients.  Some of it Rowan was asleep for, but he still felt the love when he woke up.

Rowan's friend Rita is set to leave for the Mayo clinic in the coming months, so he wanted to bring a present for her to take with her.  Her mom brought her up to clinic after she had physical therapy, so Rowan could give her the gift.  Unfortunately, he was completely wiped out, so he didn't get to see her open it, but I took pictures so I could show him later.

Rowan picked out a big warm blanket for her to take to Minnesota, to keep her warm...

and a framed picture of Rita and Rowan together...

along with a card that held a picture of Rowan holding the "Faith" cross that Rita had given him months ago...

Surprisingly, they had brought him a gift too.  They kept telling me I could open it and peek if I wanted, but I said, no I'll wait until he wakes up.  After they left and Rowan did wake up, he almost immediately said "What is that?!" regarding the large gift bag in the room.  We told him that Rita had brought it and he opened it right away.  Ironically, they had gotten him the exact same kind of blanket (just in a different pattern)!  So funny.  Now I know why they wanted me to look in the bag while they were there.  Great minds think alike:)  Rowan loves his blanket Rita.  Thank you so much!

A few hours later another mother called and asked if she could stop by and see us, after she went to see one of their other little friends in the hospital.  We of course said yes.  Well, wouldn't you know, while she was visiting Sophia in the hospital, Sophia's Mother said she had a gift for Rowan too, and could Valerie bring it over to us.  Look at these amazing hand painted Iron Man shoes, that Sophia's mom painted for Rowan!  So adorable!  He can't wait to wear them. Thank you so much Rossio!

The final gift Rowan received at clinic yesterday just melts my heart.  You may remember that Rowan has been Iron Man for Halloween many times over (many of those while in the hospital).

I recently posted a video of Rowan asking Julian's mom and dad if it would be ok if he were Captain America this year instead though, in Julian's honor.  They said yes, and Rowan has been very excited about it.  Well, Julian's mom came to visit him at clinic yesterday and gave Rowan the most unbelievably priceless, personal item ever...

the Captain America Shield that belonged to her son, Julian.

Rowan was so touched.  He told her it was too special though, that he thought she should keep it, but she said that she and Julian's dad agreed that it should definitely go to Rowan.

Rowan prayed a little prayer with her to help her and her husband find strength and peace, and telling God that he knew he was taking great care of Julian in Heaven.  

Thank you Valerie and Joe, from the depths of our heart.  You have once again given a piece of yourselves to Rowan, and he will treasure and care for it always...

...in your son's memory and honor.

Rowan hopes he does it justice...like Julian.


To all of our special friends, from here in clinic and from the hospital...I just love each and every one of your kind hearts, and it is truly amazing that despite what we all have going on, these kids (and mommas) still think of each other, and share such beautiful gifts with one another...crosses, shoes, blankets and shields...they are all gifts from the heart!

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