"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, October 30, 2015

A hero, dressed like a hero, dressed like his hero, who dressed as his hero... now that's a great Halloween Costume!

Today was a special day, for many reasons.  First of all, Rowan got to dress up as Captain America for Halloween at the Hospital.  He did so in honor of Julian Andrade.  Julian passed away this year from brain cancer, and was the ultimate Super Hero.  Julian's parents gave Rowan one of his most treasured possessions a few months ago...Julian's Captain America shield.  Today, instead of Iron Man, Rowan chose to honor Julian and dress in Julian's favorite super hero.  We taped a picture of Julian inside the shield, and try to share it with as many people as we could today, to explain the significance of Rowan's costume.  Rowan wore it with pride.  Thank you to the Andrade Family, for allowing him to do so in your angels memory.  It is a Halloween he will never forget.

Another reason today was special is that it was one of Rowan's very favorite Child Life Specialists last day at the hospital.  Rowan has known her for about 8 years.  She has brought his favorite therapy dog to his room countless times, and come in daily to check on both Rowan and I, every single time we are in the hospital...and often, even when we weren't on her floor of the hospital.  We struggled with what to get her to show her how much we love her, and wanted it to be something that would remind her of both Rowan, and Cindy, the therapy dog.  We decided to go to Build-A-Bear this morning, and have Rowan make her a stuffed Cindy Dog.  Rowan stuffed it with love, dressed it in scrubs, and named it Cindy Dog, and placed a voice recorded button in its paw.  Rowan recorded his voice saying "I love you Victoria.  I'm going to miss you."

Here is Rowan with the real Cindy...

And here are a few pictures of Rowan and Victoria over the years...

He has spent many Halloweens at the hospital, most of them admitted.  So, it has been a tradition for them to take their pictures together on Halloween.

Today was no different (other than the fact that we weren't admitted:).

Needless to say, Victoria loved her dog.  

Especially when she heard Rowan's voice message inside.

We got this year's traditional picture, and gave her all our love and best wishes for her new endeavors in Fort Worth.

We love you dearly Victoria!  Thank you for all you have done for Rowan and I over the years!  Cooks Children's Hospital is lucky to be getting you.

Rowan also got to hang out with one of his littlest post-transplant buddies...Walker.  We had a messy lunch at Dickey's and then headed to the clinic and the hospital for Walker's first trick-or-treating experience.  

They both looked amazing in their costumes...but is Walker an adorable chicken or what???

First stop was the Children's Cancer and Blood Clinic, where Rowan has visited every week or two for most of his life.  They dressed up like Lady Bugs and were adorable!  We love these gals...with all our hearts!

While we were there we noticed that they had hung up the kids Trees of Thanks.  Here is Rowan's...

Next stop was at the hospital, on the 3rd floor, pedi-surgical unit.  Rowan has obviously spent many a night here while recovering from all of his surgeries over the years.  They were Smurfs this year, and I actually was able to sew all of the Smurf Hats for their unit over the past couple weeks.  They looked awesome!  Some of Rowan's best hospital friends work here:)

Walker even got to try on the Papa Smurf Head:)

While we were there, Rowan was visited by his echo cardiagram tech, I mean Obi Wan Kenobi, who has probably done 30 echos on Rowan...at least!  In the past, Rowan has said "he knows my heart better than everyone, except God."

He also got to see his Infectious Disease doctor, who was dressed up as "The Fire Marshall Grinch" (due to some decorations that had to be taken down after a Fire Marshall visit this week:).

She also knew Julian, so she loved and appreciated Rowan's shield dedication:)

Rowan also visited a few other floors that he frequents, and it was no nice to see the nurses, staff and therapy dogs that were there too.



The whole day was amazing! But, boy did Rowan tucker out fast.  He was out cold before we left the fourth floor of the hospital...and slept for two more hours in the car.

You will notice though...he did not want to let go of his special shield...

Today was great, and a few things are certain:

Walker is the cutest chicken I ever laid eyes on.

Methodist Children's Hospital and CCBC Staff are the best! And rule when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

We are going to miss Victoria immensely at the hospital, and wish her the best in Fort Worth.

Julian Andrade is a real super hero. Rowan was blessed to dress up as him today, and to don his shield was nothing short of a great honor!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Be a hero, find a hero, or honor a hero!

One more cool thing that happened today is that another person, who we know from Facebook (Nat Coll), who fights her own battles daily, dressed up like Rowan, dressing up like Julian, dressing up like Captain America.  You heard me right.  A hero (Nat), dressing up like a hero (Rowan), dressing up like one of his heroes (Julian) who dressed up as his own hero (Captain America).  God bless you all: Nat, Rowan, Julian...(and Captain America).