"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some times just doing the best you can do, ends up being the best :)

As you can imagine, our lives are kind of crazier than usual right now.  I have been trying to get prepared for 13 days away from home for Rowan and I, which includes medical records releases, setting up multiple out of state shipments from his home health pharmacy, ordering the airline approved portable 02 concentrator, scheduling doctor appointments daily while we are there, 4 planes, a rental car, hotel, the ferry, a visit with friends on the weekend, plus a bone marrow aspirate and biopsy under anesthesia, transplant board meeting, and a case conference, not to mention packing-which is a feat in and of itself when Rowan is involved:).

I am also trying to get everything in order here at home before we leave, to make things easier for Brian to handle his own work plus Ian, Ian's homework, school projects, soccer, cyber patriot and other activities.  I am trying to freeze some meals for them, stock up at the grocery, pay the bills ahead, clean the house, etc.  It is a lot, I'm not gonna lie.  

Then this week we had/have infusion clinic, play practice, Rowan's last soccer game, Halloween parties, Ian's soccer game, and today was Brian's birthday...(which I forgot about until a couple days ago when someone else reminded me).  He is super busy at work, and said he wasn't available for us to take him to lunch today.  I talked to Zoe, who lives in Austin, and she was not available to come in town for dinner tonight.  So, at first I was pretty stressed out about how to still make it a special day for Brian, while including all 3 kids, especially since we were about to split up for a few weeks again.  Then I realized "I just have to do the best I can do.  That's all I can do."  

Tonight, as I look at the pictures from my day today, I realize, the best we could do, ended up being the best!  We had such a great family day...not a typical day...not how we wanted it to go down...and never with all 5 of us in the same city...but it worked out...and it worked out well.  Rowan, Cindy and I spent the first half of the day in Austin visiting Zoe.  Then the boys and I made dinner for Brian when he got home.  We weren't ever all together, but as you will see below...we did a pretty good job of celebrating.  And while Brian and Ian were missed in Austin today, and Zoe was missed in New Braunfels tonight, Brian still had a nice birthday, and all of us know how much we love each other as Rowan and I prepare to leave for Seattle in a few days.

Part 1: 

We went to see Zoe in her Austin apartment (for the first time ever).  We took her to lunch and then went shopping together at Central Market.  Rowan had not seen his sister for over a month, so he was super excited...and super wound up.  As you can tell from the photos at the restaurant, these two are cut from the same cloth...both with such a flair for the dramatic.  So hard to capture an "normal" picture of them together:) They kept Cindy and I entertained all day.

As we shopped, Rowan started getting sad.  He wanted more time with Zoe and was upset that she couldn't come home with us.  They were attached at the hip, and so precious together.

We took Zoe back to her apartment and said goodbye to her (and her roommates dog).  It was a rare treasure to be able to capture her and Rowan together outside like this, and what a gorgeous day for it!


Parting was such sweet sorrow... lots of kisses goodbye...

and of course their ritual crying scene as the car pulls away ;)

And just as we were finally pulling out of the parking lot, Zoe ran out to the car again and tapped on my window.  She was carrying this:

To some, this may just look like a ball of foil, but inside was a very prized item...some of Zoe's homemade pie crust.  She is the pie maker of the family.  And Brian loves her baking.  Since she couldn't be here with us tonight, and had not had a chance to make Brian a pie, she ran out after me and said "here, roll this out and bake it with cinnamon sugar, it's just a little left over dough, but Dad loves that."  I almost started crying, not just because I knew she was right, but also because she remembered, and then took the time to make sure I had some to bake for him tonight for his birthday.

I did bake them for him tonight, and let me tell you, they were the first thing gone.  I walked upstairs for a few minutes and when I returned, the pan was empty...completely gone.

Thank you Zoe:)  Even if you couldn't be here, you made it special for your Dad.

Part 2: 

Ian and Rowan made dinner for Brian.  Rowan made a caprese salad appetizer, roasted brussel sprouts to go with dinner, and fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert.  Ian cooked the amazing ribeye steaks from Granzins (Brian's favorite butcher).  And they both did a tremendous job!


To end the night, Brian opened up all his cards from the kids...and cracked up with each one.  Rowan was so proud of himself, telling me, "Dad's gonna love mine! I didn't just write 'Love, Rowan' this time.  I wrote a really good message."

And he did.  "I love you dad.  You are the best baddy, I mean Daddy.  Love, Rowan"

I tried to take one last picture of the boys...and they proved to be just as difficult, crazy and dramatic as Zoe and Rowan had been earlier:)

Happy Birthday Brian.  Hope you had a great birthday.  You've got some pretty great kids, who don't just cook for you...they adore you.

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