"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Princess Chrissie and Welcome Home Precious Ruby!

Yesterday was another special day for Rowan.  It would have been Chrissie Patterson's 9th birthday.  Rowan tells us that she is still 4 in Heaven though, so that her Mommy doesn't miss anything until she gets up there with her.  I kind of like that thought, and hope he's right.
As he has done for the past 5 years since her death, Rowan took some gifts to Chrissie's Mom, and some treasures to Chrissie's grave. It is always a priceless gift for us as well though, just to witness the love he has for his friend in Heaven, and to learn from his pure faith.  While I wish this was a tradition we never had to start, and wish Chrissie was still here with her forever family on Earth, I can't help but cherish these days and the time we get with Lorraine, and I whole heartedly appreciate the lessons that God teaches us all through these moments.

The cross Rowan painted for her grave.

The birthday cake he helped me make for her family.
She loved chocolate and dressing up like a princess, and Rowan raised butterflies and released them at her grave one year, and has had a special connection with butterflies ever since... so chocolate cake with princess candles and sugar butterflies it was!

Rowan walking in with roses, a card and a picture for Lorraine, and a balloon and the cross for Chrissie.

Lorraine and Rowan, both sporting their Chrissie inspired "Boss Your Heart" T-shirts, with the memory quilt I made for them after Chrissie passed away, hanging above their heads.  It has 140+ photos of Chrissie's beautiful life on it.

Rowan just loves leaving gifts for Chrissie, and they are always pink and beautiful.
Like her birthday balloon... 
...a bright pink rose at the foot of her grave.

and the cross he painted...

But the sweetest gift he leaves her each year is his prayer.  Once again, on his knees, he thanked God for taking good care of her in Heaven, and said he just knew she was doing good there and was glad she was in a better place. 

 Chrissie's parents just returned from Trinidad, where they have recently adopted another precious doll, Ruby Jean.  We were lucky enough to get to meet her for the first time while we were out at their ranch yesterday, and we just adored her! So much joy in that little package!

Rowan colored this welcome home Ruby picture...
 He explained that God is in the sky, smiling down over Matt and Lorraine, and Lorraine is holding baby Ruby.  The lower right hand corner is Chrissie's grave with a rainbow coming from it, with the rock Rowan painted for Chrissie a few years ago, next to her grave.


 We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ruby. She was precious and hilarious... she kept grabbing my face and kissing my chin all over!

 Rowan just kept repeating, "She's sooooo cute Mom!"

Thanks for introducing us to the newest Patterson Princess, and for the fun ride around the ranch!

So good to see you: Lorraine, Ruby, Kiefer, Ella...
We missed you but love you too: Matt, Mattie, Parker, Sawyer, Meribeth, Naomi, Selah, Conner & Cooper.

And thank you Keifer for Rowan's big rock crystal.  It matched his hair and he loves it!
Most of all...
Thank you God for the gift of the Patterson's friendship...
Thank you for bringing us together, even if it was through a tragedy initially.  And thank you God for the amazing connection you gave Rowan and Chrissie, one that crosses the boundaries of Heaven and Earth.
Happy Birthday Christyn Joy Patterson!
Whether you turned 9, or are forever 4 in Heaven,
 you are certainly forever in our hearts Chrissie!