"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Maybe I should at least get started on my bucket list...Just in case..."

Rowan is well aware of the seriousness of his health issues. He is an old soul who always wants to know exactly what is going on. Often, he takes the answers better than we adults do. He has a strong faith, self-assuradeness, and a genuine peace about ALL outcomes. For several years he has told us, "I'll be fine no matter what, either way!"

While I admire and desire that level of peace and confidence, it still has a bit of a sting to it when it is your child, your much younger child, your baby.

In light of his recent 2 week visit to Seattle Childrens Hospital, we all have had so much to ponder. He heard the doctors discuss the risks of transplanting, but is also well aware of the risk of NOT transplanting. He has asked the doctors on numerous occasions..."So...chance of death?"  It is. Actually, both options are.

Tonight, as we were falling asleep, he looked over at me, reached for my hand, held it and said "Mom, maybe I should at least get started on my bucket list...just in case. "

No words...heart nearly stopped...tears welling...

What is the appropriate response to your nine year old saying that maybe they should start tackling items off their bucket list???

I don't know.

I can't even fathom the thought.

But I must. Because he is right. Maybe he should...just in case.

He and I have been typing bucket list items in my phone "notes" for over 2 years. There are cute ones, outrageous ones, precious/endearing ones, and normal little boy ones. I have read them a thousand times to myself.  But, I've never thought about sharing them. He's only 9!

He is so strong, so confident. Yet unselfish, and unwavering.

He deserves the best. He deserves to fulfill that list.

Personally, I just want to have half the strength and faith he has.

If I never fulfilled a single item off of mine, it would be ok...as long as I witnessed him live long enough to fulfill his.

This is what peace looks like... May we all obtain it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Seattle Part 3...Finding Bigfoot:)

If you know Rowan, you know that he LOVES stories about Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings.  His favorite thing to do in Seattle is to "go Bigfooting".  We have some amazing friends with property across the Sound, and they make sure Rowan gets his Bigfoot hunting in whenever we are there. This trip was no different.

We always hit Pike Place Market first so Rowan can pick Jessica some fresh flowers, then we take the Ferry to Bremerton.

I just love all the beautiful colors we see while we are out hunting Big Foot.


Rowan keeps a sharp eye out for "evidence".  He is super good at finding footprints, squatch beds, fur, trees with the bark scratched off, food piles, etc.

And we have the best guides ever!

They took us out several times this trip, and we found a new area that was super squatchy!

Rowan was in heaven!

The third trip out, he found the best evidence of all, and heard lots of squatch knocks and calls too.

(Look at these three huge, spread out footprints! ;)

It got a little too real for Rowan at one point, when he heard some loud knocks that kept getting closer;)

...and he ran all the way back to the house:)

Rowan doesn't want to scare the Bigfoot away, so he always calls out to him..."we come in peace", "we are not here to harm you". "I would never hurt you".  And he doesn't want to report any of his evidence to the BFRO (Big Foot Research Organization:) because he feels that if the sasquatch has lived in these woods for this long and has never ever bothered our friends, then Rowan doesn't want to bring too much attention to the area either.

Thank you Mefford's for being awesome hosts and squatch guides, and thank you Zeus for being the best hunting dog ever.

Rowan wood-burned this sign so that Bigfoot knows he is welcome.  The Meffords hung it near the garden by the woods, in the perfect spot.

In order to repay them for their wonderful hospitality and the sasquatch hunting, Chef Rowan prepared quite a few dishes this trip.  He made carrot cake, roasted root vegetables in a bread cornucopia, pumpkin pie and pecan pie, for the early Thanksgiving dinner we had with them...

It was one of the most beautiful (early) Thanksgivings ever!

Then, the next weekend, he made mini cheesecakes and his delicious homemade wonton soup.


You gotta love the chef coat right? 

Just don't tell him that I shared his secret though... (he cooks with no pants on:)

Thank you Lance, Jessica, Brad and Zeus,
and thank you Bigfoot for leaving us so much evidence, but never hurting us.

Rowan can't wait to come back...