"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, June 3, 2013

"I'm glad of that..."

As most of you know Rowan is back in the hospital again, battling another septic infection.  He asked me to bring him to the hospital Saturday and by the time I got him here his temp was over 104. Since then he has spiked fevers several more times, been packed with ice packs to bring them down, had headaches, nausea and been very exhausted.  To top things off, my sister in law passed away suddenly yesterday and today we found out one of Rowan's very favorite nurses who has cared for Rowan for the past 6 years, also passed away suddenly.  It has been a trying couple days, but he and I both refuse to dwell on the negative so tonight we played a game, from the movie Pollyanna, called "I'm glad of that".  In this game you take turns saying what you are glad of, forcing yourself to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.  You should try it sometime...it's mood altering, and potentially life altering.

I am GLAD that Rowan was able to stay out of the hospital (other than outpatient surgical procedures) for the past 135 days in a row.  This is a record for him!  He has never made it 100 days without being admitted.  Sure, we ARE admitted right now, but I am GLAD that we WEREN'T for 135 days.

Rowan is GLAD he hasn't needed a peripheral IV placed in his hands or feet yet this hospital stay.  He almost always does, and they almost always blow, requiring more and more pokes.  But this time, they have been able to use his Broviac Central Line for all fluids, antibiotics and lab draws.  Rowan is VERY GLAD of that.

Rowan is very sad that he won't see his Iron Man loving buddy Charles at the Cancer & Blood Clinic anymore, but he is GLAD that he got to know him so well the past six years.   He is GLAD they both had Iron Man lunch boxes, and GLAD they always talked about the Avengers.  He is also VERY GLAD that Charles isn't in any pain in Heaven.

I was very sad that I had to tell my young son about two close personal deaths today, but I am GLAD about how well the hospital staff came along side us to help us deal with the news.  I am GLAD that they sought us out, came to our hospital room to tell us personally. I am GLAD that the Child Life Department brought Rowan an Iron Man coloring Book and The Avengers Movie to help him grieve, and remember the good things about his time with Charles.  I am GLAD that Rowan is coloring an Iron Man picture tonight that he asked me to take to the Celebration of Life, if he doesn't get out of the hospital in time himself.

Rowan is GLAD that he got visitors today (and actually visitors who all matched him somehow today).  It's never easy being sick, or being in the hospital, but Rowan loves a few things about being here...nice nurses, baby ice, and visitors...those are three things he is GLAD of today.


Both of us are GLAD of the love and support we have from our family and friends.  Your prayers, well wishes, warm thoughts, and messages are heart-warming and make these stays easier.  We appreciate your support.  We are GLAD you are in our lives! We love you all.