"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Pillows for Parents"

As most of you know, we started a Foundation in Rowan's name several years ago, The Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation. We did this to try to help other children like himself, medically dependent, chronically ill children who spend a lot of time in the hospital. Each year, during Christmas and Easter he donates gifts to the children who are stuck in the hospital during the holidays. We typically donate blankets, warm fuzzy socks, chapsticks, art supplies, and toys. Here are a few pictures of years past when he donated items during the holidays.
Rowan and I have often talked about what we could do for the parents who are staying there in the hospital with their children too. Well, this past hospitalization Rowan watched me try to get comfortable with my hospital pillow...an extremely thin, blue, plastic pillow. See, hospital pillows are plastic covered so they can be easily sanitized between patients, and very flat from all the use they get. I pretty much have to fold it in half twice and just wedge it under my cheek to try to get comfortable enough to sleep. Here is a photo of one of those pillows with Rowan's hand next to it so you can get an idea of how thin they are.
When Rowan watched me folding my pillow there in the hospital room last month he said "Looks like you need a new pillow Mom." Then it hit me...that is what we could give to the parents there during the holidays...a nice big fluffy pillow! That is actually one of the best gifts I ever received myself once, when Rowan was just a baby and I was in the hospital with him for several weeks. My friend Carri brought me a huge fluffy pillow with a super soft pillow case, and I felt like I was in heaven! So, "Pillows for Parents" it is this Christmas!
Here is a picture of a pillow I just bought this past week. It's soft, fluffy and perfect for donating to a parent in the hospital with their sick child this Christmas. And you know how much it cost? Just $9! So, for under $10, we can give the parents some comfort this Christmas. Rowan's Foundation is still going to be giving the children socks, chapsticks and art projects, but this year we will add pillows for their parents:-) Great idea Rowan!
I have heard from several different people, asking if they can help or donate to his Foundation's giving project this Christmas, which is why I am doing this blog post. If you are interested in contributing, you can email me at cawindham@gvtc.com or send a donation check made out to The Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation, and mail it to 420 River Chase Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78132. All funds raised will go directly to purchase the pillows, pillow cases, and gifts for the children. The Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation is a tax deductible 501-C3 charity, so you will be given a receipt for tax purposes. If you are local and would like to donate an item or two instead, send me an email so we can meet up. We will take the items to the hospital the week of Christmas, and look forward to another wonderful donation pile this year!
Here is a picture of Rowan and one of the nurses at the hospital who has already started collecting toys and goodies for Rowan's Foundation Christmas Project this year! Way to go Trudy! Thank you so much for getting us started!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

You told me you'd never force me to do anything Mommy...but thank you!

Rowan started out Halloween morning not feeling very good, not really excited about participating in the hospital's Halloween trick or treat event, not even wanting to get his costume on or go out of his room. He cried when we tried to get him excited about it, and asked us to just please let him rest. He said he'd wait until next year. I guess everyone is entitled to a grumpy day, but as you know, this was very unlike Rowan. We knew his spirits would be lifted if he did get out of the hospital bed and trick or treat around the hospital halls though, so we MADE him do it anyway.
Here is Rowan early in the day..not a happy camper.
Here he is when we tried to get him to put on his costume. He wouldn't, so we just laid it on top of him.
Once he dressed up as Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle, and once he was up and in the wheelchair, Rowan's frown turned to a smile though and he had a great time trick or treating with his brother Ian, Mom and Dad, and his best buddy Logan.
The Hospital Staff did a great job dressing up, decorating, and hosting fun activities for the kids. Our wing was Super Hero themed, and around the corner was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Here are some pictures of the event.
(Willy Wonka's Bubble Room/Fizzy Lifting Drinks:-)
Once back in his room, tucked back in his bed, Rowan told me "You said you'd never force me to do anything Mommy...but thank you! I know that was for my own good. Can I sleep now?"
Rowan had wanted to have "Bed or Treat", where people came to him in his hospital room and he passed out candy, since we missed the "Trunk or Treat" event at Zoe's school. Thank you to ALL the great family and friends who came to visit Rowan, many of whom dressed up for him. We love and appreciate you all, and he was blessed to have so many visitors! I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are pictures of a few.
And last but not least...some of my all time favorite visitors:
(My brother Ian)
(Cindy the Therapy "Horse & Cowboy" Dog)
Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Glad we "forced" Rowan to have one:-) And thank you to everyone who helped us cheer him up!