"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, November 9, 2015

Not a care in the world, despite the weight of the trip...thank you!

Rowan and I have a lot of pretty heavy stuff planned this trip (and I don't just mean all of our luggage:)

He has multiple labs...

tons of appointments...

the bone marrow biopsy under anesthesia...

and meetings that have given us a lot to ponder...

We still have a full week to go here, with more of the same, but tonight we wanted to focus on some of the positives.  There are many, but here are just the first few...

First of all, thank you to Hotel Deca in the University District of Seattle.  We chose Hotel Deca for our last trip, due to their close proximity to the Hospital (about 2 miles:) and their affordable hospital rate for patients.  We returned because of their tremendous customer service and amazing staff!  They were so accommodating, and unbelievably kind to Rowan and I.  This year has been no different, and just look at this hotel and his room this time:

Best part: an awesome corner window with a terrific view of the Seattle skyline...a perfect sitting area.

They have held his refrigerated medical supplies until our arrival, delivered them to our room, and delivered numerous other packages to us too (which leads to my next thank you!).  They have a wonderful cafe in the lobby, where Rowan enjoys sitting in the window.  We just feel so comfortable here, which is nice when we are far, far from home.

And this Wednesday, one of the precious staff members (who we can now call friend!) is taking Rowan and I to the Zoo during their time off!  What else can I say... If you will be traveling to Seattle yourselves sometime soon, Rowan and I highly recommend Hotel Deca:)

Our next thank you goes to:

Thank you to Lorraine Patterson and family, and anyone else who contributed to the out of this world lego stash that Rowan has received here (plus the pjs and story book)! 

Complete with a Big Foot character who is holding a camera...lol.

We are going to be pretty busy here in this room every night... building amazing lego buildings and scenery after our long days at the hospital.

Rowan couldn't think of a better way to take his mind of all the "heavy" stuff involved with this trip...and watching him in his element: building, creating, imagining...neither can I.

I hope these pictures show how thankful we are to both the Hotel Deca staff and to Lorraine and the rest of lego gifters:)  I will cherish these memories forever...Rowan sitting in this corner of the hotel room, next to this gorgeous window, playing these legos, not a care in the world...despite the weight of this trip looming over him.  Thank you for that gift...it is priceless, truly priceless!

more thanks to come...
to be continued...

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