"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Thanks Coach...for giving me a team, skills, friends, fun, and hope to be normal!"

Rowan was so excited about his make up soccer game today. Especially because he will miss the end of the season while he is in Seattle during the next two weeks.  Here he is scoring while they were warming up for the game.

It was a tough game, and the Mean Green Dragons lost, but Rowan played hard ...

ran hard...

and had fun...

They even let him take a penalty kick!  Highlight of the season for him (even if the goalie stopped it:).

After the game they took their team photos...

and had a little more fun...

They passed out trophies, and gave Rowan "MVP & Most Improved Player".  So nice of them to pass these out early, so Rowan wouldn't miss out.  We truly appreciate that kindness and thoughtfulness.  Class acts!

They closed the night with the coach letting Rowan do one final "Break it out".  Rowan yelled "Best Friends Forever" as they did:)

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and cheered Rowan and the mean Green Dragons on tonight,  It meant a lot...to us all!


And a HUGE thank you to Coach Conder and all of Rowan's teammates, and their parents.  You have all shown Rowan so much love and support.  We cannot thank you enough!

Rowan and I made this flower/giftcard/photo arrangement for the coach, and I asked Rowan to write down things he had learned from Coach Conder, or what he was thankful for.  Rowan wrote: "Thanks for everything..." on the first piece of paper, and then wrote the next 5 phrases on separate pieces of green paper, and we tied them all around the vase..."a team", "skills", "fun", "friends", "hope to be normal".  Those are all the things that Rowan says he got from Coach Conder this year.  I would have to agree, but would like to add "confidence" and "memories to last a lifetime".

Thanks Coach Conder!

Thanks Mean Green Dragons!

Thanks NBYSA!

And thanks to all who have cheered Rowan on and supported him...

"Go Rowan Go!"

* Something else really cool happened after the game tonight.  A parent from the other team, who happens to follow Rowan's story apparently, messaged me on Facebook.  We don't know each other, but come to find out we have mutual friends.  She was at the game, and said that she cheered for Rowan during the game, and had taken some photos and videos of him that she wanted to share with me.  I was so touched.  She even got footage of his penalty kick! I just love how God works.  Her son, and her son's team played against us, and won, yet she still took the time to bless our family with photos and video footage of our own son.  Awesome! Simply awesome!  More great sportsmanship from a league that has been such a blessing in Rowan's life:)

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