"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Miracle #7: "My liver is ok!"

Rowan has had some increasingly alarming lab results recently.  His liver labs in particular were worrying both ourselves and the doctors. They climbed higher and higher for several days in a row.  Some of them were higher than I had ever seen his.  One of the biggest concerns on everyone's radar was something called SOS (sinusoidal obstruction syndrome) or VOD (veno-occlusive disease) of the liver, which can occur after receiving extensive high-dose chemo.  It can be a very serious, and even life threatening complication of transplant.  Rowan's little body has been through so much already.  We were very concerned, and afraid he wouldn't be able to handle a battle against a complication as potentially dangerous as this. 

Well, this was just another opportunity for God to shine.  Last week Rowan had an in-depth ultrasound with doppler, to assess his kidneys, liver, bile ducts and hepatic arteries.  The ultrasound took over an hour to conduct and he had to be perfectly still while they measured the flow through the hepatic arteries specifically. 

Here are some of the excerpts from the final report:

"Normal abdominal Doppler... no findings to suggest sinusoidal obstruction"

Rowan did not have any evidence of VOD or SOS!  In the last few days his liver labs have begun to trend down now too. So, it appears, at least at this point, that his liver is okay.

We are calling this Miracle #7!

(to be continued...)


  1. Thank you Jesus for another blessing miracle for our sweet Rowan

  2. Good work, Sweet Boy, you are the fighter of all time.

    Keep on fighting, we are praying and sending much love and lots of hugs to you, your mommy and daddy and your sister and brother.