"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Not today Satan...and not tomorrow either!"

Rowan and I encountered several "road blocks" along our 2300 mile trip to Seattle.  Thankfully, none of them too serious.  But, for a day or two, we really started to wonder if we would make it.

The first day of driving ended up being much longer than we anticipated or desired.  Being the Fourth of July holiday, there were no hotel rooms available on our path for 3 states!  We started trying to find one shortly after Amarillo, Texas.  After stopping in four cities in a row (at multiple hotels in each) and finding that everyone was completely booked up, Brian started calling through New Mexico and our friend in Colorado started calling in Colorado.  A few hours later, after 16-17 hours on the road, we finally got a room in Pueblo, Colorado.  This was the view from the room.  It was the only room in 3 states though, so we had no choice but to stay.

Many of the bathroom stops along the way looked something like this...so we had to walk right back out and try to find a new place to stop.

About 5 minutes from our stop in Denver, a rock popped up and cracked my windshield.

When we arrived in Denver, Rowan's tpn and neupogen had not arrived and we had to go track it down at the FedEx hub in town.

When we arrived at our hotel in Utah (which a friend booked online for us after we had all that trouble finding a room on day 1), we were informed that they had a no children policy (it was more of a couples/honeymoon retreat apparently).  It was funny at first, but we had just driven another 10 hours that day, and it was July 3rd, so there was little chance we would find another hotel at that point in the holiday weekend.  Thankfully, the front desk person called a manager, explained that we were on our way to Rowan's bone marrow transplant and that we promised to just go in and go to bed, that Rowan would not make any noise or commotion.  They eventually agreed that we could stay, but we would have to upgrade and be moved out to one of their private cabins in the woods, so we wouldn't disturb the other guests (lol).

Rowan and I just had to laugh to keep from crying during some of these mishaps,

...but he summed it up best when he said: "Not today Satan...and not tomorrow either!"

Alls well that ends well, we did arrive safely, and we have some good stories to tell too.  The makings of an epic adventure!

To be continued...

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