"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, July 8, 2016

"I'm going to blow bubbles in every state so my friends can follow me from heaven..."

The comfort that Rowan gets from his angel friends in heaven is nearly impossible to put into words.  On his last day at home, as his home nurse and I were driving with him to San Antonio, he looked over into a field on the side of FM 306, smiled, and told us, "you know that big grassy field back there, where they roll up hay sometimes?  I just saw all my friends from heaven there, smiling and waving at me, like they were saying goodbye before I leave for Seattle, or letting me know that they will be with me during my transplant." He was so happy, and you could just feel his joy and sense of relief, knowing that Chrissie, Jalene, Julian, Justin, Avery, and Natalie, all angels in heaven whom he dreams of often, were still there with him. It was ro reassuring.

That led to a new little tradition during this road trip.  Rowan and I stopped at rest stops in every state along the way from Texas to Washington State, so Rowan could blow bubbles from the side of the road.  That way his friends in heaven could follow him on his trip, and keep an eye on him. Here are the pictures that I took during those special moments.  He loved, loved, loved blowing the bubbles, and as he would hop back into the car, he tried to follow the bubbles as they floated up towards heaven.  It was priceless.



Now, Rowan knew that these bubbles wouldn't actually make it all the way to heaven, and that his friends didn't "need" the bubble trail in order to watch over him. It was more of a way of honoring their presence in his life still, and an acknowledgement that he still wanted and needed them to watch over him, especially during this very important time in his life.  It was fun, and it was beautiful, and it is a tradition we will likely keep up for years and years to come.

This next picture is his favorite, because there are bubbles to represent all 6 of his friends that he sees in heaven in his dreams: Chrissie, Jalene, Julian, Justin, Avery and Natalie. (And of course he says Natalie is the biggest bubble, because she was the bigger one at the top, taking care of all the smaller, younger bubbles, showing them the way, just like she does in heaven).

But then he said, "I should have blown two more bubbles Mom, for Melissa and Erik.  I haven't seen them in my dreams of heaven yet, but I know they are there with the rest of my friends. And I hope I see them there someday too."

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