"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Tell Jalene she is going to be a princess and can play dress up every day like Chrissie, maybe that will help her let go."

Miraculously, Jalene is still holding on.  It was over a week ago now that the doctors gave her hours to days to live.  She is amazing everyone with her strength and will.  Here are just a few of the amazing things Rowan has said about sweet, strong, courageous, Jalene in the past 24 hours...

Yesterday afternoon Rowan started getting upset and asked me to stop the car so he could say a prayer for Jalene.  He told me that it's getting too hard for her and she needed to go to heaven now so she can rest.  His prayer was "Thank you God for the time she was here that we got with her. take good care of her."  I talked to her Mom right after this, and she said yes, it was getting harder for her.  She was having more trouble breathing and her color was changing.

Last night when my husband came home he asked how Jalene was.  I told him she was still hanging on and he said "Rowan, your friend is kind of a badass."  Rowan giggled at the bad word, and then said "Yeah she's strong...real strong.  Strong like I want to be."

This morning as soon as Rowan woke up he told me, "Mommy in my dreams, Jalene is already her angel but she keeps going back and forth.  She wants to see God and Jesus but doesn't want her family to be sad.  When I go back to sleep I'm gonna try to tell her it's ok to go." He doesn't want her to suffer anymore.

Finally, just now Rowan told me, "Mommy, I forgot, tell Jalene's Mommy to tell Jalene that she gets to be a princess everyday in heaven and that Chrissie is waiting for her to play dress up.  I saw that in my dream too.  Maybe that will help her let go."

Praying for a peaceful passing sweet Jalene.  And can't wait until we all can come play dress up with you and Chrissie in Heaven.  

Fly high little butterfly...

(Jalene's handprint art)

(Jalene and Rowan's handprint art they did together)

Remember, God has the door wide open for you...

and the light will show the way angel...

Go be a princess everyday...


  1. How beautiful! Rowan has an amazing gift. Somehow he makes everything sound so peaceful, I love it. Thank you Rowan :) God bless you and your family

  2. It's truly amazing how he just "knows" he is nothing short of amazing he is strong and very powerful....

  3. Hi Carrie, I didn't see a contact page, so I'm just going to comment. :) I'm a Christian children's author in San Antonio and ended up on your blog via the amazing Facebook. Sick children/children with cancer have been weighing very heavily on my heart lately. So, would it be totally crazy to ask if I can send you and Rowan one of my books? Just as a gift. It's a chapter book title The Evidence. I know it's out of the blue.
    Elle Bee

  4. Thank you for reaching out. Sure, we would love to read it. Send me an email at cawindham@gvtc.com and I will reply back with a mailing address.