"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"I Believe" in "The Invincible Iron Man Rowan" because he "Has the power!"

I met Lorraine Patterson in my driveway this afternoon, in her car, for a very special, covert, important mission...that I just know you all will enjoy hearing about...

5 minutes later, the doorbell rang.  Oh look Rowan, a surprise visitor at the door!  It's Lorraine!

When they sat down on the couch together, Lorraine told him: "Rowan, I have a present for you.  I want you to open it, but hold on a minute, I need to call someone back real quick."  Rowan sat patiently, staring at the gift bag.

Then she said: "Well, I guess you could read the card while I call them."

Strangely, suddenly, a pretty distinct sound started coming from the gift bag though... it sounded like a phone ringing."  Rowan looked so confused.

Lorraine asked Rowan, "What is that? Is there something ringing in that bag?"

To his surprise, there WAS a phone ringing inside that bag.  A brand new iPhone 6, as a matter of fact.

I don't think Rowan knew what to think.  He stared at at it for a few seconds and then put it on speaker phone, until we convinced him to just put it to his ear and answer the ringing phone.

The voice on the other end of the phone was none other than Lorraine Patterson herself!  And she explained to him that this was indeed his very own personal phone.


Talk about JOY, talk about EXCITEMENT, look at the heartfelt hugs of appreciation!

See, Rowan has had it in his mind for years that he had to be at least 10 years old to have a phone of his own.  Now mind you, he has had many an opportunity to tell me why it would nice if he did have his own phone.  For instance, if I take too long when I leave the hospital room to go grab food or a drink, he often reminds me when I return, "Mom, I need a phone so I can call you if I miss you or need you when you are gone." (Even though I never leave the hospital grounds, and probably am never out of the room for even 15 minutes:)  He also says he wishes people could text him or face time him on his own phone, not just on mine.  One of our routines before going to bed each night while he is in the hospital has always been for him to ask me, "Mom are you going to check Facebook and tell me who is praying for me?"  He just could not wait until he could read those messages for himself.

Lorraine and I had been thinking that very same thought for many months actually.  She found an organization online that offered prayer pagers for people just like Rowan.  They could receive text messages or pages from people who were praying for them while they were in the hospital, or any time during their battles, so they would know they had support.  After several months of trying to contact the organization or find something else like it (to no avail), we almost gave up,  Then Rowan recently went back into the hospital for another one of his serious and somewhat lengthy stays, and Lorraine decided that enough was enough and Rowan this just HAD to have this happen for himself.  So, she made it happen, with the love and support of her family and friends.

Of course, just making sure he had a phone number that people could text him at was not enough for dear, sweet Lorraine:)  No, she had to take it many steps further and order him not one but two special, personalized, phone cases that could not be more Rowan!

Phone Case #1

"I believe" &
with Big Foot (of course)

Phone Case #2

"Invincible Iron Man"
 "Rowan has the Power"
with Iron Man (of course)

And of course the card was perfect too!

Rowan was so excited .  He just stared at it.  Swiped, punched keys, and admired it.

His first text came from Ian across the room...

It said "Sup?"

Lorraine explained the process of how and why this had come to be, and told him how important it was that we made this happen for him, so he would always know how many people he has touched and how many people are praying for him, all the time.

I think he "got it";)

Just look at these faces...


Then his Daddy called him on his new phone all the way from New York!

Then Lorraine Face Timed from right next to him on the couch:) 
The feedback was so loud that Rowan fell on the floor laughing, but eventually recovered when Lorraine left the room so they could talk to each other via Face Time.  He just cracked up!

Before she left, Rowan thanked her and I snapped these precious, priceless photos, of a two very special people in my life, with a connection only God could create.

We cannot thank you enough Lorraine for making this dream become a reality for Rowan.

He loves you so much, as do I...

And... "I believe"

that many many people across the country are going to be thanking you for giving them the opportunity to reach "The Invincible Iron Man" Rowan by text,
either when he is in the hospital in San Antonio, or in Seattle visiting all the specialists, or undergoing his possible bone marrow transplant, or just while he fights his day to day battles.

You did not just bless Rowan, you did not just bless our family, nor did you simply bless all of Rowan's friends, families and supporters...
you did a very good thing, and you made God smile tonight too Lorraine!

Can't you tell?

Thank you!

And yes, "Rowan has the power!"

***To follow updates on Rowan, aside from this blog site, Lorraine has also helped me get the Facebook page: "Rally for Rowan" up and running.  His phone number will be posted there.  Send him text messages with your comments, prayers, messages and/or scriptures you would like him to read.  We welcome anything that will encourage him during this journey.  Thank you for your support!

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