"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, March 15, 2015

"It's going to be a good day... because Jalene's going to meet Jesus today."

Rest in Peace Sweet Princess Jalene Estella Salinas
...you have taught us all how to live, how to fight, how to die, and most importantly how to have faith...Thank you!

As I posted earlier on Facebook, Rowan woke up this morning and said "I feel like it's going to be a good today."  This is the picture I took of him just after he said it.

He was so happy, yet he looked like he had a tear in his eye.  I took the picture because he just looked so beautiful with the light shining through the window on his round, beautiful, bald head.  I had almost forgotten overnight (while I slept), that he had his head shaved yesterday.  Time seemed to stand still as I stared at him, and re-comprehended the loving, selfless act of him having it shaved in honor of his sweet friend Jalene, who was losing her battle with brain cancer.

He was definitely a part of Team Jalene...but is was so much more that that for Rowan.

I got Rowan into the bathtub later today, and we started talking.  He said, "Mom, do you know why it's going to be a good day?"  I told him that it probably would be for lots of reasons.  He said, "Yeah, but I think it's really going to be a good day because Jalene is going to meet Jesus today." 

...What do you say to that???

Rowan has already seen Jalene's angel, talked to her angel, and even painted a picture of her angel (which just happened to look just like her, when she had hair, which he had never, ever seen)...so it is kind of hard not to believe what he says when it comes to things like this.

 This afternoon, I checked on Jalene's Mom, Jen, and asked if she was getting any rest at all and if she needed anything.  She told me that she had peace today.  That is when I let her know what Rowan had said about today.  I hesitated whether or not I should share it with her, but through this whole journey, Rowan has had some pretty special God connections and messages of Faith for us all, so I decided to let him speak...or maybe it was let HIM speak.

A few hours later, I got the message that Jalene had "gone to be with the Lord".  I told Rowan, and he simply said "I know Mommy." He wiped the tears out of the corners of my eyes and asked me to tell her Mom not to be sad, and to tell her he loved her and that he would tell her every time he dream about Jalene.  (I have a hunch that will be often.)

Rowan had been right.  God told him it would be today.  He had a peace about it.  Her Mom had peace today.  And it happened today.  How can you not have faith when you hear something like that?

I think that is the message here...Jalene's life was a short 4 years, but the lives she touched, the strength she exhibited, the faith Rowan's stories about her gave people...that is more than someone who lived 400 years could ever give the world.

My heart obviously aches for Jalene's family.  They knew this was coming, they wanted her to be at peace, and to be healed completely in Heaven, but they will still surely miss their princess Jalene immeasurably. All we can do now is pray for peace, comfort and healing for them all, and to remember how blessed anyone who ever heard her story was.  People have come together as a community because of Jalene; people have come to believe in God because of Jalene; people have healed relationships because of Jalene; people have forgotten their own small, petty issues of the day, because of Jalene.  Her seemingly small body and short life, had a huge impact on us all, that is undeniable.   I for one am blessed to have known her, hugged her, taken selfies with her, and learned from her strength.  Rowan is blessed to have "done art" with her, called her friend, played with her, prayed for her, taken "selfies" with her, and even seen her angel.

God rest your soul Princess Jalene, and bless your family and friends, as your life has blessed us all.
Amen.  Thank you for helping us keep our eyes on what is important...

Family, faith, friendship...courage and love.

I asked Rowan tonight, "Rowan, why do you think you knew it would be today?"  He said, "Hmm, I don't know.  I guess God just chose to me to tell people things, so they would believe them.  Because, who wouldn't believe a kid saying something about God?"  I laughed out loud at first, because it sounded funny, and a little pretentious, but the more you think about it...that is exactly what it is. He uses these children, these angels on Earth, these innocent little ones, to share things with us that our adult minds are too clouded to see sometimes.  Thank you Jalene and Rowan for all you have taught us.

Rest in peace sweet angel...

and hugs and kisses to your entire family, especially your amazing Mommy...


  1. Rest in Heaven Jalene, i hope Rowan is doing well. He's such an awesome little guy. He has made me believe in things I never dreamed of. Faith, hope and love....God Bless you Rowan. God Bless you all.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I lost my granddaughter feb 28 last year at 7yrs old she had non hodgkin lymphoma. The stories she also told us were amazing. She taught us so much.

  3. I know you won't allow this comment but this disgusting. You really are a horrible person for making all of this up.

    1. I did allow your comment, because you have the right to your opinion, and I couldn't respond to you without posting your comment first. I have not made this up. Anyone who has met Rowan, knows that everything I have written is true. He is a very smart boy, who communicates himself very well. I am sorry if you choose not to believe. He is inspiring people every day, I guess you are just not one of those people who want to see the good in this world. God bless you.

  4. I had to comment on the first anonymous's comment and your reply. I don't care if you are making up Rowan's words or embellishing them for affect. However, I don't think you are. My own children have said things to me that amaze me too. There is something about the innocence of children and their knowing things we lose the ability to see as adults. I think true not true is not relevant here. Your posts are inspiring whether they come from Rowan or you. There is so much evil in this world that it is nice to read pure loving thoughts on a blog. What I find horrible is that someone would call that disgusting. May all those who followed jalenes fight and continue to root for Rowan derive strength and courage from your eloquent posts...to all the negative people who just want to criticize, please keep those hateful comments to yourself, we have enough of,that in the world.

  5. Hi, I want to 1st say I believe what u right is real. I have read ur blog the last few days and to me its something very special u r sharing with us. Ur not asking for anything only writing. Rowan journey and the love that he carry's deep inside. This is very positive it helps us to believe and have more faith and for those..... to try to believe. God bless you.