"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's ok Mommy, God is opening heaven's door for Jalene...

Several times today, Rowan would ask me about Jalene.  One time it was, "Mom, what is Jalene's middle name? It seems like I should know that."  A little bit later, "Mommy, is Jalene hurting?"  And again this evening, "Mom, I really need to know her middle name.  I do. Can you ask her Mommy?"  I did, and her Mom told me her full name, which I shared with Rowan.  I told him, "Rowan her full name is Jalene Estella Salinas".  His response was "Aw, that's a pretty name...that makes sense, because she's pretty too."

When Rowan came downstairs later tonight, I let him know that Jalene may be nearing the end,  He looked at me and smile and said "I know Mommy.  It's ok, God is opening heaven's door for Jalene."  Then he asked if he could draw her picture.  What followed, I am just amazed by...I wish we all had the faith and simplicity of heart that children have.  I pray this photo blesses her family as it has me.

It began with her beautiful, God given name:

Then he drew the little parts of his drawing bit by bit...

Then he started to color it in with markers...

In the end, this masterpiece came together...

He told me, "See Mommy, it's ok.  Who wouldn't want to go through this door and get to God?"

He drew Jalene as an angel, but with pink and purple butterfly wings, with her arms outstretched..."reaching for God" he said.

God has blue eyes, and he said he colored him blue because to him that's a beautiful color not a sad color, it's actually the color of "heaven and happiness" he says.  He also explained that God's arms were reaching for her too.

According to Rowan, "this is Heaven's Door, with all the light coming out of it, shining down, showing Jalene the way".

He said "God knows Mom, he is ready for her. He already knew her full name.  I didn't, but He did"

He blew her a kiss on his picture, and said "I Love you Jalene!"

We all love you Jalene Estella Salinas, and are praying for your Mommy, Daddy, brother, sister, and all of your family.  Praying for peace and comfort for you all.

Godspeed sweet angel.


  1. You have a very loving son,if we could only be like these children. So positive

  2. This is a beautiful tribute to YOU, your SON, and to JALENE.
    You because it shows the beautiful job you have done as a mother to raise a son so kind and pure.
    Rowan because he radiates the love of God and spreads that love to others.
    Jalene because of her impact on the world around her.
    Rowan's drawing reminded me of this:
    "Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."
    Isaiah 40:31

  3. I was sitting here reading this and Knocking on heavens door came on. I literally started bawling and sobbing. God bless these beautiful children.

  4. What a beautiful experience! ♡

  5. What a beautiful experience! ♡

  6. Beautiful and sad story. But from rhe mouths of babies we get wisdom and peace. Your young son has been a great friend to Jalene and as he loved her here he will love her in heaven. His prayer was a solemn statement of love peace and most assured understanding of life and death. To be in the companyof Jalenes angel and knowing she is going to crossover easily and happily. He has seen and done what only a few.will ever achieve. He has proven to be wise beyond his years and a wonderful friend. Wisdom comes in many forms not just from the elderly as we see here from Rowan he is ao wise and knows she is in Gods arms and safe. To have seen her crossover angel is amazing in itself. Most of us dont recieve this chance to see a loved ones angel. May Rowan be well and carry on Jalenes memory as her family will. Bless both of tbe families and prayers for all. Amen

  7. Beautiful and sad. Rowan has a beautiful friend he loves. But he is qise beyond his years. He is a great friend and is holding on to his faith. His prayer was awesome. He opened his heart and gave his friend a welcome transition from here to heaven. He knows life as it is here and after death. Not many people see a crossover angel of their loved ones but he qas choosen to by God to see Jalenes for a reason. He was real and sincere with his words of prayer and love. He has the wisdom of someone many years older than his age. He knoqs Jalene is going to transition peacefully and easily. He is sincere from his heart to hold his friend up to Goda hands. Rowan has what moat adults dont have. He has his faith and love of God. He is definitely a believer. May he be in good health as he grows from now on. He knows life here and after death as his faith lets him be strong. Be blessed for both families and glorious travels for Jalene. Amen

  8. I'm in awe of this experience. Rowan a d jalene are both little angel's. It confirmed my belief that children do hear and see things that adults don't, we are too preoccupied to allow ourselves too. God is so amazing. I'm in awe of their experience that I'm at a loss for words. But I am so Blessed to ha e read the story and had the encounter.. I'm forever changed . God Bless you and your fa.ies for bej g obedient to Gods leading and Opening Your Hearts a d Your families to of Us...allowing Us in to Share In this Incredible Journey.... God will Honor you....and Bless You Abundantly.... You've taught us what Love is and God is LOVE.... Thank You....