"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, December 16, 2016

Rowan Jameson Windham 6/21/06-12/15/16

This is Lorraine Patterson, Carrie's friend.  Carrie asked if I would post an update here as she is currently not available to do so. 

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Rowan Jameson Windham, who was welcomed into the arms of Jesus at 2:11AM December 15, 2016 following complications from his two bone marrow transplants at Seattle Children's Hospital. 
Here is Carrie's announcement from the Rally for Rowan Facebook site:
Some may say the world got darker at 2:11 am this morning when Rowan's heart stopped beating. but our family is choosing to see that the world was brighter because Rowan was ever in it. We were blessed with the 10 best years of our lives. He is playing tag in heaven with all his angel friends now. He is healthy and whole and new. Thank you For all your prayers and support. Brian and the kids arrived 2 hours before he passed away.

From Lorraine:
The Windham Family is so very grateful for your abundant prayers, love, and support.  At this time, the best way to offer support to their family is to financially donate toward the funeral expenses, moving expenses (from Washington back to Texas), and outstanding medical expenses.
Immediate estimated expenses are $25,000.  Our goal is to get Rowan's GoFundMe site to $55,000 (the prior donations on the site do not include the current fundraising goal, as those funds have already been applied to prior medical expenses).  I am not starting a new GoFundMe account to reflect this need because the current GoFundMe is already linked to Carrie's bank account.
Approved ways to donate directly to Rowan’s family:
1. PayPal to cawindham@gvtc.com (This goes directly to Rowan's mom's PayPal account, which will be transferred to their family bank account. Be sure to select "send money to family/friends" as this will eliminate any PayPal fees/withholding, which means the Windhams will receive 100% of your PayPal donation) This is the preferred method of donation because no fees will be withheld from the Windham family and they will have instant access to those funds.
2. Mail a check made out to Carrie Windham, c/o Lorraine Patterson, PO Box 1708, Kyle, TX 78640.
3. gofundme.com/LetRowanLive (A small portion of each donation is reserved for GoFundMe fees.)

We are launching 2 different designs of t-shirts (that Zoe designed this time), in memory of Rowan. They come in multiple colors and shirt styles this time. They will only be available for order/purchase for 7 days, in the hopes that everyone will receive their printed shirt in time for the funeral services in early January, once we get Rowan home and plan everything. Hope to see lots of these shirts at the service and celebration of life. Thank you all for everything. (There is a "style" button on the right side, so you can choose v neck, child, long sleeve, sweatshirt, etc)


From Lorraine:
Rowan was truly the brightest light to our world for the past ten years. I have no doubt his light from heaven will continue to shine as brightly as it did on earth. Rowan was truly an incredible boy who changed the lives of countless people with his unwavering faith, wisdom, wit, humor, maturity, inspiration, joy, hope, love, selflessness, bright smile, courage, strength, bravery, determination, and heroism. Rowan ALWAYS found the good in ALL situations. Rowan and his powerful legacy will always be remembered and honored by those around the world who so dearly loved him. Please continue to pray for Rowan's family--Carrie (Rowan's mom), Brian (Rowan's dad), Zoë (Rowan's sister) and Ian (Rowan's brother), as well as his extended family and countless friends around the world.


  1. Sweet, Bright Shining Star, that Rowan is! He has and will always be a witness of the love of our God. Every single time that I look up to the night sky, I will think of your Little Man.
    Dance in delight with Chrissie Jewelry, Rowan! Dance with your precious Granny who went before you. I can only imagine the Joy, as you made your journey into the very presence of our Father in Heaven, with that great big beautiful smile on your face. You are loved, always and forever, Rowan!

    I will be praying for your Mama and Daddy, your big Brother and Sister. They did a tremendous job of sharing your journey here on this earth. Your Mommy shared your life story and it will continue on! Love Love Love to the W Family!

  2. Praying for strength in your hearts and peace in your souls.

  3. There just are no words...

    Fly high Sweet Boy! You made this world bright and now heaven is shining even brighter!