"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, December 22, 2016

"God gave you your life for a reason..." Rowan

This picture, which I took in the last hour Rowan had blood flowing through his body, came out blurry.  That is what our life feels like right now anyway though, so maybe it was meant to be that way. Everything I look at is blurry...through constant tears. It's hard to breathe, difficult to move, and nearly impossible to function. The silence in this house is deafening. It doesn't mean we have lost our faith, it is just how we are desperately attempting to heal our broken hearts. 

I apologize if I do not get back to messages right away, and ask for your understanding if we are not readily available right now. This will take time. We do want to take a moment to thank everyone for your prayers and support though.  From everyone at Seattle Children's, Hotel Deca, National Guard, family, friends and even complete strangers.  Your prayers, messages, phone calls, texts, and financial donations have been unbelievable.  I hope to eventually thank each and every person individually, but wanted to offer this initial thank you to you all for now.  The costs associated with getting Rowan back home to Texas, plus the pod of our belongings and our car, on top of the medical, funeral, and burial expenses are astronomical, but you all have helped take a lot of that burden off of our shoulders. We cannot thank you enough! To my dear friend Lorraine, who has helped me by making so many of those difficult phone calls and set up all the unpleasant appointments for me...there are no words. I know you have walked this path yourself, and I couldn't do it without you.

We know that Rowan is at peace in Jesus arms.  We do not feel bad for him.  He was ready to go.  He was never afraid.  It is those of us left here on Earth that are having the hard time.  We are all trying to channel our inner Rowan, and remember his words of wisdom, though.  He wouldn't want us to be sad that he died.  He would want us to rejoice that he lived.  He would say, "Love your life, God gave it to you for a reason!"  You used your life well Rowan.  We will try our best to do the same.  We ask you to do so too, to honor Rowan's life and his message.

This weekend, I will post the full details for his memorial service and celebration of life. But you can mark your calendars for now: 

Memorial Service in San Antonio on Friday, January 6th at 11 am
Burial in New Braunfels on Friday, January 6th at 3 pm
Celebration of Life at Enchanted Rock on Saturday, January 7th at 8 am


  1. Our prayer's have been with you're family from day one we heard of your journey. Our prayer's still continue because you're families journey has just begun. Thank you for sharing your journey you're family you're beloved Rowan with the world. I pray that I can join you at Enchanted Rock to live our life with Peace in our hearts. God's blessings my friend..Liza Estrada

  2. God bless you and your family during this heart wrenching time. ..my condolences to you for the loss of your precious son

  3. Prayers for your family sorry for your loss my heart brakes for you

  4. We Love You ROWAN !
    I Forever Love You ROWAN !
    We (I) Love You CARRIE, We Love You All.
    As You Know My Sweet Angel ROWAN, We Are Praying For Your Mommy CARRIE, For Your Family And For All The People Who Love You ROWAN.
    Fly High My Sweet Angel ROWAN, Fly High With Your GRANDMA ANGEL, Fly High With All Your ANGEL's FRIENDS, Fly High With My Sister Angel MICHELLE, Fly High With All The Angels !

  5. I think of you all every day. You are so right that Rowen is safe and whole I Jesus arms. It's those who are here on earth that must go on in his honor. I never met any of you, but I know that Rowan was an exceptional person, and that comes from you as his parents and roll models, as well as the Grace of God that ran in his veins.

  6. Dear Carrie, Brian, Ian, Zoe. As you may know, our small group (Debbie & Bill's) has followed you thru your mom and FB for most of Rowan's life.
    Rowan almost became my grandson in a way ... as I was always watching for posts or asking Debbie for updates (I miss this so much). The Sunday before she passed, Debbie & I were the last ones in the sanctuary,talking about Rowan.
    As I cried out to God the day she passed, asking why?! The thought came to me that maybe God called her to himself to be there when Rowan came. This sent peace and fear thru me at the same time--peace at Debbie's passing but fear that a Rowan would join her. I can't imagine how you're feeling with losing your mother, and only weeks later, losing your youngest child. I pray that knowing your mom is with Rowan will give you a special peace. It was a privilege for our SG to send you a small token of our love to help with the funeral expenses.
    I would like to ask if you have the picture of a few of us from SG who came to see you & Rowan at Mike & Rosies the year you came to visit Debbie & Bill. I know there were at least 5 of us plus Rowan in the picture. I thought we took it with my phone but I can't find it. It's special to me. I would love to find it. God bless, Brenda

  7. I think you all for selflessly Sharing your amazing son so that we have the honor to get to know Rowan.
    He will be in my heart forever and never will there be a day that goes by that I don't try to emulate this child with an old mans souls behavior.... so wise beyond his years what a wonderful child you have raised. Yes you both were meant to be his parents ❤️
    God bless and help your broken hearts🙏🏻
    Frieda Z