"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pregnant? Twins?...Only God!

We have some friends.  Friends that God brought us together with through a set of very tragic circumstances...the loss of their infant daughter, Avery.  We have become very close since then.  Rowan dreams of their baby girl, I made them a memory quilt from her pictures and baby clothes, Rowan draws them pictures, has given me messages to help them heal,etc.  They are so grateful for his connection, and in turn they constantly pray for him, encourage me, and love and support us greatly.  Since Avery's passing, they have been blessed with a handsome, healthy son, Carter, and have recently been trying to expand their family further.  We have prayed for God to bless them...and our prayers have been answered.

Rowan did a painting for this family recently that has ended up being one of the most powerful pieces of art that I think he has ever done, or will do.  It revealed a message from God, that neither myself, nor their family,  expected or could have predicted.  A beautiful message of hope, life after tragedy, and joy beyond measure.

Rowan awoke from a dream about 2 months ago, and immediately start describing the dream to me.  He told me, "Mom, I had the most beautiful dream.  I was on a beach and I saw Avery, and she was holding her brother Carter, and Carter was holding another baby...but I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl...God didn't show me all the way."  Then he said that Avery wanted her Mom and Dad to know that she was happy they were trying to have more kids, because she thought they were such great parents.  She wanted them to be happy, and she wanted them to have more children.  Then he told me that he saw other tiny angels up in the sky above the beach, and that they were watching over the ones down on the beach.  The way he described it sounded amazing!  He was beaming from ear to ear as he told me about it in great detail.  Then he said that he wanted to paint a picture of the dream and have me send it to them, so they would get Avery's message.

Rowan painted that picture, and it was gorgeous!  He used his thumb prints to make the large pink heart on the bottom (Avery), then he made a smaller blue heart above that (Carter, Avery's brother), then he used his pinky, first dipped in pink paint, for one side of the heart, then dipped in blue for the other side of the heart.  He also used his pinky to make 5 more tiny hearts up in the sky above the sunny beach.

I mailed this painting, along with a letter explaining his dream, to Avery's Mom and Dad in November, just before Rowan and I left for Seattle Children's Hospital for 2 weeks.  That's when things started getting crazy.  First, Avery's Mom messaged me in Seattle when she received it.  She thanked Rowan profusely for the artwork, and told me "you have no idea how much this means to our family".  Now I know that is something that people say when they are trying to be nice, or want to really emphasize their gratitude.  However, Laura meant it, she really meant it...I just didn't know how much, yet.

A week or so later, while Rowan and I were still in Seattle, I received a second text message from Laura.  This time it was just a picture, but talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!

When I first saw the picture I burst into tears.  I called Rowan over immediately and showed him too.  He fell to the ground, grabbing his head, nearly hypervenilating with excitement.

The family that we were staying with were dumbfounded, thinking "What is going on?", "Is everything ok?", etc.  It took me a few minutes before I could compose myself enough to even speak, to be able to explain to them the miracle that I was witnessing.

See. Rowan's painting had a lot of symbolism.  Not just things that he wanted to symbolize, but things that God was actually revealing to him, and in turn, to Mike and Laura.  After Laura and I had time to discuss all the details of the painting, I was floored, absolutely floored.  There were more revelations in that dream and in that painting than I had ever imagined.

First of all, Avery telling them that she wanted them to have more children was a blessing, her telling them that she was happy and that they deserved it, was an answered prayer.  Then, Avery holding Carter, holding another half pink / half blue heart, was actually a family portrait of sorts.  See, the sonogram was of the twins that Laura was currently carrying... a boy, and a girl... half pink...half blue.  And as if that weren't amazing enough?!?!  The five tiny hearts made from Rowan's pinkies, that were in the sky watching over the others...well, that had significance too.  Mike and Laura had 5 miscarriages.  They had additional 5 tiny angels up in heaven, looking over their family on Earth.

Think about all of this.  Let it all sink in.  

How could Rowan have known that they were pregnant?  
How could he know they were going to have twins?  
How could he know it was a boy and a girl? 

They live in another city.  At first (when Rowan had the dream), they didn't even know they were pregnant or what they were having.  Then, (when they received the painting from Rowan and the explanation of the dream), they knew the amazing news, but they had not told anyone yet!  

There is just no denying God, or Rowan's connection to Him, when you hear this dream, see this painting, and read this story.

Rowan and I could not be happier for their family.  We are honored to call them friends, and blessed beyond measure to witness the miracle that is their growing family, both their earthly family and their precious angels in heaven.

I pray this post blesses you, gives you hope, and fuels your faith.  

Dreams do come true.  

God does perform miracles.  

Life does go on after tragedy. 

Joy can be restored.  

And we, like Mike and Laura, have angels in Heaven watching over us.

Avery Lynn Canahuati

Please add the Canahuati family to your prayers.  Pray for an easy pregnancy for Mom, an unexplainable peace for both Mom and Dad, a smooth adjustment for big brother Carter, and perfect health for the twins.  Thank you!


  1. This has truly touched me. I have recently started following Romans journey & honestly idk exactly how I stumbled upon it. But I know God has made me follow for a reason. I have a set of twins. Boys. My son too has his pg followed by many you can search #teamxayvier. I believe God wants me to follow Rowan to pray for him as me and Xayvier do all the time but to give me hope & faith as a mom. To not only see the strength of your son but you as well. Thank you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. This painting, this story is absolutely amazing beyond words. Very powerful. I will continue to pray for Rowan & the family & the Canahuatis! God bless you all

  2. I have bern following Rowan story for a while now. Because of him I have been restored in having faith again, God, and just that there are truly great things in this world. He is truly an inspiration of faith.

    I wish I could ask him to ask God if he sees my husband and I having anymore children and no success just saddness and tradedgy. However every time I read a post and about his attitude..I always think to think like Rowan with his abundance faith he has.

    Sending prayers

    Brittany from ohio