"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, December 20, 2015

"What I can't do..." by Rowan Windham

Rowan had the honor of meeting a very special lady this past year, State Representative Susan King.  The first time they met was at Camp Mabry in Austin, on the day that Rowan was honorarily inducted into the Texas National Guard.   She presented Rowan with a Texas flag that had flown over the Capitol Building.

A month or two later, she invited him back to Austin to the Capitol Building, where she honorarily had him sit on the Committee for Defense and Veterans Affairs with her.  He opened them with the Pledge of Allegiance that day, and even got to hit the gavel to open session, on the floor of both the Senate and House of Representatives (monumental!).  During that visit, Rowan left Representative King a note on her desk in her office, that said "Rep. King, Make good choices. Love, Rowan"  She loved it so much that she read it on the floor of the House.  They became true friends that day.

The two have remained friends and pen pals since that day.  She sends him get well cards when he is in the hospital.  He paints her pictures or sends her art that reminds him of her.  She loves red (as you can tell from the photos:), and every time he sees a piece of art that is predominantly red, he says "Oh, Susan King would love this!"

Two weeks ago, Representative King came all the way from Abilene to see Rowan in one of his performances in Peter Pan at Woodlawn Theater in San Antonio.  She was involved in theater as well, and is a big advocate for the arts.  We were blown away that she came all that way, and Rowan was so proud to perform for her.  She brought him a very sweet military bear, that was holding both the Texas and the American flags, and wrote him the nicest note.

As we left the theater that night, we walked and talked with her on the sidewalk, and Representative King told Rowan, "I want you to write me a letter someday soon, and tell me what you can't do."  We all chuckled, but Rowan said "Okay, I will."

In the car on the way home that evening, we asked Rowan, "So, what can't you do?"  At first he didn't know what to say.  Then he came up with the following list, which we mailed to Representative King this past weekend.  It probably isn't the list she was expecting...but it is undeniably "Rowan", and if you ask me, it's perfect!

I think everyone should make a list of the things they can't do.  But I also think it should look something like Rowan's list... (with a positive spin:) Thank you Susan King for giving Rowan the assignment.  Thank you God for giving Rowan his amazing outlook and appreciation for life!

What can't you do?  
Think about it...
but think positively!

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  1. Thank you, Rowan, for sharing your incredible gift with this world. And thank you, Carrie, for helping to spread his amazing outlook.