"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"It's whatever God allows, but I'm happy to pray for all of them!"

Rowan's recent dreams of his friends in heaven have brought so much peace, not only to their parents, but to others who have lost loved ones. We have started receiving countless emails asking Rowan to pray for family members, or to give messages to loved ones in Heaven. It is extremely humbling.  Some have been from friends, some acquaintances, and some complete strangers.  All nearly bring me to my knees, because I feel the sadness, the longing and the desperation in their words.  It's enough to break your heart, if you let it.

I have to be completely honest, (it's just how we are)...Brian and I started getting a little worried tonight, about the pressure that Rowan may feel from all these personal requests. He is after all just a little 9 year old boy, a child. I realize that it is most likely a parent mechanism, a human fault, to worry about expectations put upon our child. We definitely felt the honor and pride that comes with people feeling that your child is special, and were amazed that people were seeking messages from our young son, but we also felt the heaviness of the situation.  It felt like a lot for a little boy.  But not Rowan, nope, it didn't concern him at all.

I read several of the messages to Rowan and he smiled from ear to ear. He was so happy. We told him, "Rowan, you know you are special, right? A lot of people see hope in you and your connection to God. But we don't want you to feel overwhelmed if a lot of people start asking a lot of you. Ok?"  We told him that he shouldn't force any of it, or feel pressured into giving them signs or messages.

Rowan's answer was pure and perfect. He said "I never would! People can ask me whatever they want. God is the one in control. It's whatever God allows, but I'm happy to pray for them all."

That is exactly how we feel, but we weren't sure he was mature enough to grasp that. We are blown away and humbled by Rowan's messages all the time. The fact that he has been able to help others through their grieving process, is an awesome, amazing, wonderful gift. It shows us that Rowan's own personal trials are for a perfect, God given reason. It reveals his life purpose.  In that way, it doesn't just help those families, it helps ours as well.

Rowan is right. And we will pray with him, with you all, for anyone who needs it. We are blessed and honored, as Rowan is, to come along side you and pray for your loved ones, whether they be battling right now, or whether they are in Heaven. It is our distinct honor.

Rowan hopes he dreams of Heaven whenever he can. He loves seeing glimpses of it in his dreams. He often says, "I'm going to try to dream of Heaven tonight."  He is overjoyed when he "meets" people in Heaven in his dreams. He cannot wait to hear back from parents that I message, telling them what he saw or heard in his dreams. He excitedly asks me, "Check your Facebook. Did her Mom read our message yet?" , "Mom, check your messages, did that make his Mom happy?", etc. His dreams, visions, messages, are gifts, treasures, maybe even miracles. However, it is ALL of God. As Rowan so simply put it... "It's whatever God allows, but I'm happy to pray for all of them."

An example of this, one that truly brought this post to the forefront tonight, happened in the past 24 hours.  This is Erik, with his Momma, Kat Parra...

Last night, about 23 hours ago, an acquaintance posted this picture, asking Rowan for prayers for Erik, who had been battling Cancer for several years.  He had made a turn for the worse, and it was a critical prayer request.  Rowan was asleep when it posted.  But, thank God, hundreds of you who follow Rowan's page read the post and over a hundred of you posted your support and prayers for Kat, his mother, and your prayers for Erik.  Today, once Rowan woke up, I was able to share this prayer request with him as well.  Then, I showed him all the comments generated on his page.  He was so happy that so many of his friends and followers were praying for this young man too.   He said, "Aww, that's so awesome!" 

Erik passed away this afternoon.  It was so difficult for me to share that news with Rowan, but amazingly, I underestimated him once again.  He was sad of course, and felt bad for his parents, family and friends.  However, Rowan said, "It was in God's hands the whole time.  I can pray, and everyone else can pray, but it was always in God's hands. And the great thing is that Erik is in a much better place now.  He sees God.  I wish my prayers were always answered, but they aren't. But, God's plan always happens."

Tonight I will go to sleep praying for peace for this beautiful family, who is mourning their son.  But, I will also go to sleep, feeling a sense of peace, from a few nuggets I gleaned from a child, my own son... "God's plan always happens."  "I wish my prayers were always answered, but they aren't."  And finally, "The great thing is that Erik is in a much better place now.  He sees God."

Kat Parra and family- you have our sincere, humble prayers for peace, rest and healing, for every member of your family.  Erik already sees God, as Rowan says.  We will continue to pray for all of you.  We are honored to know Erik's story, humbled to pray for him, and blessed to know he rests, Cancer free, in Heaven as we speak.  God bless you all.

To all of Rowan's friends and Facebook followers- thank you for joining him in prayer for this young man.  Please continues lifting up his family, supporting research, and fighting for a cure.

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