"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, August 24, 2015

Angels, angels everywhere...even in the mail.

Rowan received a special package from a little girl who is a pen pal of his recently. I happened to have grabbed the mail on my way out the door that day, so I could go through it all while Rowan slept at infusion clinic.  There was a picture drawn by the little girl and a note from the Mom inside, explaining the two gifts that were in the envelope. Ironically, Jalene's Mommy stopped by clinic that same day, right when I was opening the package and reading the note.  

Inside were two angels.  One was a hand painted "healing angel" on a small card.  They had asked an artist to make Rowan a special angel, just for him.  The wings were large and curling inward, and she said that they were wrapping Rowan up, to help him heal.  It was beautifully done and a beautiful sentiment. 

The artist also wanted to do a small pocket angel for Rowan to carry with him in his pocket, to represent his angel friends who are always with him.  This angel had dark hair, just like Jalene. It was so precious.

Rowan was still asleep, but Jalene's Mommy and I looked at the angels and the note and agreed that the rock could be a little reminder that Jalene's angel is always with him.  I took a picture of Jen with the angels and Rowan, since he was still sleeping.

Rowan finally woke up around 2 pm and was happy to see Jen there.  He smiled before he even opened his eyes because he heard her voice, and then he reached back and hugged her.

The love he has for Jalene's Mommy is so deep.  He worries about her, they text each other, and he prays for her every night.  Just a couple nights ago he was hugging his Jalene bear in bed and all of the sudden said "Mommy, anything you see on Facebook about Jalene, send it to me please, OK?"  So sweet.

Once Rowan woke up more, he looked at the package, the picture Brieley had drawn and the angels.  He loved them!  He knew right away that the pocket one was Jalene, and he stared at the healing one and said, "I'm definitely taking this one to Seattle with me when I get my transplant. I'll keep it in my little Bible until then."

Thank you Kim & Brieley, for your friendship, your prayers and these two precious angels for Rowan to keep.  He will cherish them both, always.  

Now, I want to show one of the pictures again... 

I took this one this afternoon, so I could have a close up of the pocket angel for this post.  It is in a completely clear cellophane enclosure.  I took this picture in my living room.  There were no lights on at the time, but notice the colored light shining on all four corners?  And notice how they are pink on one side and yellow on the other!  Rowan noticed this right away and says it proves this is Jalene's angel for sure:)  He says the light is her smiling at the pocket rock angel.  You may remember, he did her garden all in yellow and pink, and every picture he draws for her, or in her memory is all yellow and pink, etc...so how perfect that the photo is beaming with pink and yellow light:)

You can bet Rowan will carry this with him, as a perfect reminder of his friends in Heaven who are still in his life, daily, especially Jalene...

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  1. Finding help, when he needed it most. That's really cool.
    Hope he hangs in there.