"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, June 19, 2015

They were both signs Mommy...God is everywhere, even in our art!

Rowan got a lot of compliments about the art work he did while he was in the hospital, which I posted about yesterday.  Then today his nurse told him that she bet people would even pay for a piece of his original art.  So, Rowan has decided to do some more original paintings and will bring them to Copa Wine Bar next Saturday and sell them for $5 each.  All of the proceeds from the paintings will go to Kidd's Kids.  

So, tonight we got started on some of the art pieces, and something amazing happened (as usual).

The type of paintings he was doing involved painting a small canvas with thick paint and then pressing it on to card stock to make multiple prints with the paint.  

Rowan tried different techniques with each one he "pressed".  He tried pressing them flat all over, just pressing with his fingertips, pounding them with his fists, and karate chopping them.  He said he wanted to see what effect it made.

Rowan was so excited to peel the card stock up each time.  He kept making all of us come up close, even calling Brian in from the other room, telling us "Ok, are you ready? Is everybody looking? It's big reveal time!"  And he slowly peeled the print up...

They turn out really pretty...and each one is a little different.

Ian worked on some of his own too, which he overlapped and imprinted onto a larger canvas, to hang in his room.  He used really thick glossy paints for his project and the texture that it made was so cool!

Both boys had so much fun...

Then, the really cool thing happened.  The God thing.  Rowan said that he should make some pink and yellow ones next, to honor Jalene.  So that is what he did.

He told me, "This one isn't completely abstract, it is supposed to be the arch of Heaven, with the light of Jalene and Jesus coming down.

The canvas painting itself looked cool...and then he pressed it onto card stock and lifted it up

As soon as he and Ian looked at the first one they both said they saw a horse under the arch.  Then Rowan said he saw a face of a little girl riding the horse. His eyes suddenly lit up and he said "This one isn't Jalene, it's Chrissie, and she's riding Navidad in Heaven!  It's a sign!"

(Lorraine, he is saving this one for you.  He doesn't want to sell it.  He says it is too special.)


(You may have to use your imagination on this, but if you look under the arch he says that is a horse galloping with Chrissie riding the horse.  I didn't see it at first, but I see what he means now.  And if he believes that is what it is, then I will go with that, because it is another beautiful sign."

But wait...there's more...

Rowan decided there wasn't enough paint on the pink and yellow canvas, so he added some more to the same canvas and imprinted a new piece of card stock.

And look at how that one turned out!  Completely different from the first one, completely unique... and with what Rowan says is Jalene's face...

If you look closely, you can make out the tilted head of a little girl... the hair, the eyes, the nose and the mouth too.  Again, if Rowan says that is what he sees, then that is what it is:)

(Jen, he is saving this one for you.  He doesn't want to sell it either.  He says it definitely needs to go to you.)

He was so happy with the results, and I just love that he sees signs like this everywhere.  He told me tonight, "They were both signs Mommy.  God is everywhere, even in our art!"  And if you really look at the canvas paintings and then the prints they produced, you will be amazed.  It doesn't look like the canvas should have imprinted these specific images.

From this...

To this?!?!

And from this...

To this?!?!

I believe him:) Do you?

Rowan can't wait to work on more paintings tomorrow, in some new and different color schemes...

...and who knows what signs will turn up:)  One thing is for sure, they will be heartfelt, beautiful, Rowan designed and God directed.  

Jen and Lorraine, Rowan will set your girl's painting aside for you.  The rest will be hand signed by Rowan, and available for sale to raise money for Kidd's Kids ($5 each), next Saturday at Copa Wine Bar from 11 am to 3 pm.

Hope we see you there, and hope you see the signs in your own life and art.

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