"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Keep looking up, 'cause that's where it all is!" ~ 3rd Annual Rowan's Smokehouse benefiting Kidd's Kids

The 3rd Annual Rowan's Smokehouse, benefiting Kidd's Kids, will be held a week from Saturday, on June 27th, at:

Copa Wine Bar
19141 Stone Oak Pkwy Suite 704
SA, TX 78258
from 11 am to 3 pm.

  The cost is a $20 donation per adult, or a $50 donation per family of 4.  
This includes delicious BBQ plates, Rowan's special ginger lemonade and/or wine.  All proceeds go directly to Kidd's Kids!  We will be accepting cash, or checks (made out to “Kidd’s Kids”).  No credit cards please. There is an ATM nearby if needed.

Rowan will of course be there to autograph new pictures again this year, so don't miss out!  It is for such a great cause.  100% goes directly to the charity, and sends families of chronically and terminally ill children to Disney World together for the trip of their lives.

And in the words of the late David “Kidd" Craddick (founder of Kidd's Kids), “Keep looking up, cause that's where it all is!”  Rowan exemplifies this statement every day of his life, always looking for the positive, including ways to help others.  Please help us honor those words too, and join us for this fun event, while paying it forward to some very deserving children and their families!

For more information, contact Brian 210-325-4942 or Carrie 210-573-0118.

For those who cannot make it to the event next Saturday, but who would like to contribute, you can mail in donations attn: Rowan Windham, 420 River Chase Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78132.  He will in turn mail you back one of this year's pictures autographed by Rowan himself.)  All checks must be made out to "Kidd's Kids", and must be received by July 8th or 9th at the latest.  100% goes to Kidd's Kids.  


Here are some photos and more background information regarding the charity and Rowan's involvement:

As many of you already know, our family had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Kidd’s Kids Disney World Trip, along with 50 other families of chronically and terminally ill children and their parents.  It was the trip of a lifetime, and such a break from the reality of hospitals, surgeries, clinic visits, infusions, etc.  

When we returned home, Rowan didn’t ask when he could go back to Disney World again, no, instead he asked us, “What can I do to raise money so more kids get to go next year?”  We were initially floored, but then supported Rowan in his idea.  We suggested he sell lemonade or something like that (he was only 5 years old after all).  But, Rowan came up with a better idea on his own a few days later.  He informed us, “I know what I’ll do! I’ll sell my autograph!”  We laughed, but then realized that he was serious.  So, I made copies of a photo of Rowan at Disney World, in a joyous pose, and he began to autograph them.   

He ended up selling tons of these autographed photos that year, to friends, family members, physicians and nurses, raising over $4000 for Kidd's Kids.  Each year since then, Rowan has done the same, signed autographs in exchange for donations to Kidd's Kids.  Three years ago, Jeff and Angie Bridges came on board, and offered their fine establishment, Copa Wine Bar, for a day (and their expert BBQ skills), so Rowan could raise even money for Kidd's Kids.  Rowan came up with a “Ginger Lemonade" recipe, Jeff prepared the BBQ, and “Rowan's Smokehouse" was born!  

 Each year he chooses a different picture or pose to autograph, in exchange for donations made out to Kidd's Kids.  To date, Rowan has raised nearly $15,000 for the Kidd's Kids charity, selling nothing but lemonade, BBQ and his autograph.  His fundraising has helped send more and more kids to Disney World each year, just like Rowan wished for back in the 2011.

This year's photos were taken while Rowan was in the hospital earlier this month, but still capture that Kidd's Kids Spirit...always looking up, always having a positive attitude! 

 Make sure you get your autographed picture this year:)

For those who cannot make it to the event next Saturday, you can mail in donations attn: Rowan Windham, 420 River Chase Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78132.  He will in turn mail you back one of this year's pictures autographed by Rowan himself:)  All checks must be made out to "Kidd's Kids", and must be received by July 8th or 9th at the latest.  

Rowan will be attending the 5th Annual Kidd's Kids Fundraiser Golf Tournament in New Orleans in July and presenting the total check from all funds raised at Copa and through donations mailed in, to his buddies, members of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Radio Show, just as he has the past few years.  Help Rowan blow them away again this year! 

(This was one of the last photos taken of the late David "Kidd" Craddick, July 27, 2013.  He passed away just a few moments later, while we were all at the golf tournament in New Orleans.  Since his death, Rowan feels the need to do even more to 'take his place', and send more deserving, medically fragile, chronic and terminally ill children to Disney World.)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting Rowan in one of his all time favorite charities, Kidd's Kids!  And helping him, help them, send even more kids to Disney World!

And remember...

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