"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Medicine cabinet? No medical closet!

Most people have a medicine cabinet in their house.  We do.  It's in our kitchen, and it's just one skinny tall shelf that holds all of the medicines and first aid supplies for Brian, myself, Zoe and Ian.  Rowan on the other hand has a whole medical supply closet.  And it's no small closet.  I reorganized it this past week and labeled all of the bins and drawers this weekend, and I just have to share pictures because I am so proud of it:)  And also because it really gives you a glimpse into how much is involved in his daily care.  It's crazy the amount of medicines and supplies that we get delivered each week.  He also has a large tub of his daily prescription medicines on the counter (he takes 29 doses a day by g-tube) and his own refrigerator in the garage for all of his iv nutrition and iv medicines (tpn, neupogen, micafungin, and 6 different iv vitamins and additives).  His nightly equipment is all upstairs next to his bed (iv pole, pulse oximeter, tpn pump, enteral pump, oxygen concentrator), along with another small table of nightly needed supplies.  The house can look like a clinic or hospital at times, which is why I really tried to tidy this all up in his medical closet.  Rowan is in the hospital enough.  He doesn't need his house to look like one too.

 Those of you who have medically dependent children will get this, and understand my excitement. Those of you who don't, may be a little shocked or think I'm crazy for being excited about organizing medical supplies.  Me, I am just so happy with how organized it is right now, too happy to be overwhelmed that even more will be delivered again this week:)

The 11 white drawers on the left hold all of his intravenous/central line supplies.  The 6 black drawers next to those hold his g-tube and j-tube supplies.  The pink tubs (recycled from the many many hospital stays:) that are hanging in the closet organizer/sweater hanger, hold all of his emergency supplies or treatment equipment supplies. And the grey bins hold other larger supplies. The red cooler is for transporting meds and tpn when we travel. And the purple tub is to gather all the needed overnight supplies when we travel.

Nurses charting, books and lab binders, plus suction set up and nebulizer...

Formula packets...

Sharps container and medical paperwork...

(My wrapping paper storage bin is the only non-medical item you can see when you open the closet:)

All his pump bags, go-bags, and ambu bags hang on hooks inside the door...

Isn't it pretty?!?!?!?!

Thank you for indulging me for a moment.  If you come to visit any time soon, I will probably drag you over to look at it in person.  Brian and Ian have to be tired of me saying, "Come look at this closet.  It's awesome!"  I even woke up this morning with a smile on my face, came downstairs, peeked in again and smiled even bigger.  It's the little things...no, this is actually a really big thing:)

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