"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Visiting Julian's grave today..."2 years with Jesus"

Today marks two years since Julian's passing, or as Rowan would say..."Julian's had 730 days with Jesus!"

Last year, Rowan and I went to Julian's grave together on this day, and spent precious moments with his family, praying together, listening to Julian's favorite music, releasing balloons and a bird they had nursed back to health, as well as listening to Rowan sing "What does it look like in Heaven?" for Julian's parents. 

It was so, immensely special to us.  And let me tell you, this cemetery is one of the most beautiful resting places I have ever seen in my life, especially the Children's garden, and all of it's bronze sculptures. 

Rowan loved being there.  I know that sounds crazy, but he just felt so reassured about Julian being with Jesus, especially after visiting his grave. 

None of us knew that Rowan would join Julian in Heaven before he and I ever got the chance to be back there again this year, so today was hard for me (though obviously not as difficult for his family).  I knew Rowan would want me to go honor Julian still though, and I felt him urging me to do so... so I did.  Ian joined me.

I took flowers for Julian's Mom, a card, an Easter egg with both Captain America (Julian) and Iron Man (Rowan) for Julian's little sister, and one very, very special item that I wanted to give back to their family...Julian's Captain America Shield, which Rowan had the honor of using for the past year and a half, after they gifted it to him (6 months after Julian's passing). 

Rowan cherished the shield, truly one of his most prized possessions.  He even dressed up like Captain America that year (instead of his usual Iron Man) just so he could use Julian's shield. 

It was very emotional for me, laying it on Julian's grave, but I just felt like the shield belonged back with his family, now that Rowan has passed as well. 

Both boys played with it, both boys were super heroes, but both boys are now angels in Heaven, playing together with Jesus. 

Rowan and I had attached a picture of Julian on the back of it over a year ago. 

Today, I added Rowan's memory photo card too.

2 beautiful angel boys...2 super heroes...2 beloved brothers...2 cherished sons...

We love you Valerie & Joe.  We are honored to have you as friends, and look up to you for your strength, while wishing neither of us had to ever be this strong, especially for this reason.  Continued prayers, today and every day.

Even though I know Rowan and his angel friends are together in Heaven, healthy, happy and whole, I still think Rowan wants me to continue the traditions he had for them while he was here.  I will do my very best to do that, in Rowan's honor and memory, and for the honor and memory of each and every one of his angel friends that went before him, as well as for their families.  God bless Julian's family today, and the many others grieving the loss of their children, whether it's been 6 years, 2 years, 3 months, 5 days, or even mere hours...

As Rowan told us "God will heal their broken hearts."


  1. These little boys are the true hero's, their love for Jesus & their strong faith has given me to have faith & to trust in Jesus.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Which is almost impossible to do since I have Sjrogrens syndrome. You have a vety big heart Carrier because you remember what Rowan would want you to do, and you do it! God bless you. RIP Julian and RIP Rowan! Yall will never ever be forgotten!