"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Surprise visit from a friend...48 hours that will help him for 48 days or more!

This past Tuesday, just after the doctors rounded, the nurse told me that Rowan had some surprise visitors from Texas waiting to see him.  We were not expecting anyone else, so at first I had no clue who it may be.  As I walked up to the front though, I suddenly thought to myself..."No. They wouldn't have.  Would they?"  See Rowan and one of his Kidd's Kids friends, Christa, have a long history of surprising each other.  Rowan has jumped out of a box on her front porch on Valentine's Day.  She came to surprise him for his baptism, etc.  Sure enough, as I rounded the corner there they were.  Christa and her Mom!  They had flown over 2000 miles to surprise us.  I was blown away.  I told them, "Ok, ok, you win.  We will never be able to 'out-surprise' you after this."

It was a quick two day stay, but a very important one for these two kiddos...

and us two mommies...

  Christa is 3 years post-transplant herself.  She has been through much of this herself.  She is a great source of comfort for Rowan.  In the short 48 hours they just spent together, she was able to hold his hand during wound care, send him off to the OR, play video games, console him as he cried from pain, play board games, watch movies, walk a lap in the hall, listen to music together, color and so much more.  The bond they share is beautiful.  Those 48 hours will help him for 48 days or even more.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to Christa and Gina for making this trip a priority, to Johnny and Gene for letting them come see us, and to everyone who helped make this trip possible with airline miles and hotel points.  We love you dearly, and your visit filled our souls!  Safe travels home today.  See you soon.


  1. Tears as we wait for take off home. Love you all with all our heart!love Gina and Christa

  2. That is so wonderfully awesome! Rowan must be refreshed and ready to fight hard after her visit! God bless them and G I d bless yall too!

  3. How wonderful to have friends that love you so much Rowan you are so blessed as they are too. Praying for you is the best medicine but friends and family are definitely second and you have alot of the above so Rowan I know your hurting and your so strong and braver than I could ever be just keep being yourself because you're one of a kind and you will get better buddy. You will be a testimony to so many people someday even more than you are now