"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Finding Bigfoot...Finding Rowan!"

I thought maybe we could all use a happy story today, so I wanted to share something amazing that happened this past week.  A Facebook friend whom we "met" because her little boy also battles many similar health issues, and also started coming here to Seattle to see the same SDS specialists that Rowan did, decided Rowan needed something to smile about.  She knew that one of his passions was Bigfoot.  Her own son is also a huge fan.  They want to go Squatchin' together someday when they are both healthy enough to finally travel and meet each other.  Well, she decided to reach out to the hosts of the Animal Planet show, "Finding Bigfoot".  She wasn't sure anything would come of it, but just felt like she had to try.  So, she sent them an email about Rowan.  What happened next was unbelievable.

Within ten minutes, one of the hosts, Ranae, messaged back and told her that she would love to come visit Rowan and bring him some Finding Bigfoot gear/swag. 

Then, within the hour, a second member of the show, Bobo, also messaged back!  He said that he would love to reach out and call Rowan here in the hospital. 

They both asked her to have me email me them our contact information.  Before I even had the chance to do so the next morning, the phone in Rowan's hospital room rang.  I picked it up and it was the hospital operator telling me: "Someone is trying to reach your family.  they say they are from the show Finding Bigfoot?"  I freaked out! I told her "Yes, you can put him through."  Then I told Rowan what was going on.  In the meantime, a nurse assistant had just entered the room to check Rowan's blood pressure.  She looked very concerned all of the sudden and told me that Rowan's BP was 165/110.  I told her to wait a minute and let him calm down, that I thought I knew why it was so high.

Moments later, the phone rang again.  I picked it up and heard a very familiar voice (from TV).  It said: "Hi.  This is Bobo, from Finding Bigfoot.  Is Rowan there?"  I was shaking myself, but Rowan...Rowan freaked out! He was shaking, his voice was quivering, he had tears in his eyes, etc.  But he took the phone from my hand, took a deep breath and said "Hello?" 

Bobo and Rowan proceeded to have like a ten minute conversation.  They talked about Rowan's favorite places to go Squatchin' in Washington.  Bobo told him there were actually good spots in Texas too.  Rowan told Bobo that he and Ranae were his favorites on the show, etc.  It was so awesome.  You all know how happy and positive Rowan is, but this was different.  I hadn't seen true joy and amazement on his face like that in a very long time.  After more than 60 days in the hospital, Rowan started dreaming about getting out again.  After he hung up, he said: "I can't believe that just happened. I was stuttering the whole time.  He said that him and Ranae are going to try to come see me here...in the hospital!"

Listen to his voice...sooooooo excited!

Rowan beamed about this, the rest of the day.  He told every nurse, doctor and assistant who came in the room..."So, Bobo called me today."  Then later, just before bed, Rowan told me: "I hope they really do come see me.  And who knows, maybe someday I can go walking around looking for evidence with them, or show them my favorite spots...but not with cameras and the whole show or anything...just me and them, walking in the woods...like friends."  With that, he drifted off to sleep with the biggest smile ever on his face.

Thank you Tanya for your heart to help put a smile on Rowan's face.  Thank you Ranae for responding to Tanya's request so quickly.  Thank you Bobo for calling the hospital directly and tracking Rowan down.  Even if you two don't make it up here to see him, that phone call will be one of the highlights of his life.  And if you do...we will be sure they don't check his blood pressure while you are here...because this sick little boy will probably be bouncing around the room (or at least the bed), talking about Bigfoot with his favorite cast members, from one of his all-time favorite shows. (He even has the same hat that Bobo wears:)

(Side note: This is how big of a Bigfoot fan Rowan is.  here is a picture of his phone case, personalized by a friend.  And he mentioned months ago that he wants to have a post-transplant party (after Day +100 of a successful transplant) across Puget Sound, and that he hopes Bigfoot comes out "with a party hat and a kazoo, leading the conga line.")


  1. Makes my heart smile. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. This was sooo awesome of an experience Rowan had! God bless him. Onep day your going to be out hiking with them! I know it!!!!!!

  3. How cool...god bless

  4. So awesome reading this made me feel so happy for Rowan what a great surprise and experience for you Rowan and for Your Family.
    You are so Loved buddy by so many and i am one out of thousands sanding by you��
    YOUR BUDDY KC and my ggma