"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, October 14, 2016

The "Texas RoRos", back together again...

As some of you know, there is another little boy in Houston who has SDS and severe food allergies similar to Rowan.  We have been Facebook friends for quite a while now, and Mom and I bounce things off each other all the time when one of them are in the hospital.  We finally drove and met up with each other in Austin this Summer, just before we left for Seattle.  We just had to get Roman and Rowan together, so they could finally meet in person.  Boy were we glad we did. I know God brought us together for a reason.  Peter, Nicole and Roman have been some of Rowan's biggest cheerleaders, a wonderful support system, and now treasured friends.  This weekend, they knocked it out of the park...boarded a plane, flew up here to Seattle, just so they could hug us, see Rowan, and see what they could do to help us.  Unbelievable!  We had only met in person one time, but that didn't matter. They just felt in their heart of hearts that they needed to come...so they did.  I love that they stepped out on faith like that.  The visit to the hospital today was brief of course.  Rowan hasn't been feeling well at all, so it kind of had to be.  But it was a powerful 30 minutes with Rowan, and 30 or so more with just me.  And I learned that true friends don't have to be people you've known your whole life, or people you see every week.  They don't have to be in your circle of other friends, or even live in the same city.  But true friends, will drop everything...on the fly.  They will even get on planes and travel 2000+ miles, just to hug your neck.  Thank you Peter, Nicole and little Roman.  Your presence melted my heart today.  But more than that, it brought an honest, genuine, happy smile to Rowan's face... and even inspired him to get out bed, walk a few steps from the bed to a chair, closer to his door, so he could see Roman better and talk to you and Peter (getting out of bed is something he hasn't done for days, other than to be weighed).  I cannot thank you enough.  God bless you for bringing a little Texas, and a whole lot of love, to Rowan today.

(Because of Roman's age and Rowan being on isolation, they Shen's could only come to the glass doors of Rowan's room.)

(But Rowan was able to sit on my lap in a chair, a little closer to the door. That was a big task for him, but one that he gladly pushed himself to do.)

(Roman looked so adorable, and very Seattle:)

(He is only the third friend from Rowan's inspiration wall who has been able to come see themselves on his door, in person.)

(Roman was busy sorting and distributing bags for me out in the hall, but seemed to have just as much fun waving at Rowan through the glass, than he would if he were actually in the room with him.)

(Actually, so did Peter and Nicole:)

(Rowan waved goodbye back to them from his bed as they left, and thanked them for coming.)

(Here is a short video of the goodbyes:)

(Then I took them out to the rooftop garden so Roman could see the plants, and the view (the Space Needle, the water and the mountains), and I could chat with Peter and Nicole for a little bit.)

(Love and appreciate this woman.  Thank you for coming so far, you guys didn't just hug my neck...you warmed my soul.)

(And you made this little boy smile...a much needed, big Texas smile!)

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