"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Iron Man and Captain America together, like me and Julian."

Just like Rowan is known as Iron Man, his angel friend in heaven Julian is known as Captain America. This Saturday marks the one year anniversary since Julian passed away from brain cancer.  Rowan dreams of Julian, says that he is always surrounded by dogs in heaven, and shares messages from Julian with his Mom and Dad.  Earlier this month it was Julian's birthday and Rowan woke from a dream telling me to tell Julian's Mom that he was ok and that they shouldn't worry about missing his birthday because in heaven he would stay 6 years old until they got there, so they didn't miss out on anything.  There have been other messages too, making Rowan truly feel connected to this family.  It is a very special relationship that they share. Julian's Mom recently visited Rowan in infusion clinic and brought him a special gift.  


It took us a while to hang these up, but we finally did and I wanted to share the pictures.  They are so cool, and mean so much to Rowan, coming from Julian's Mom and Dad.

Thank you so much for this gift Valerie & Joe!  It is perfect.  Rowan was so excited to show them off once they were installed!

He loved how they lit up, especially in the dark.

You may have already seen pictures of Rowan's room, which was decorated by Special Spaces a couple years ago.  They gave him his dream Iron Man room...

So these two new 3D additions, are just the perfect touch!

Rowan has a special corner in his room though, that isn't Iron Man...it's where he keeps his Captain America Suit, mask and shield...along with Julian's Captain America shield, which his Mom gave Rowan several months ago.  It used to be Julian's and Rowan displays it proudly and treasures it with all his heart.

As soon as we finished hanging the Iron Man mask and hand up, Rowan grabbed Julian's shield and said, "Mom, take my picture right here for Valerie...so she can see Iron Man and Captain America together, like me and Julian.  I think that will make her smile."

Then he sat down on his bed and I captured these priceless moments...

My favorite picture is this one...you can just feel the love and compassion he has for Julian and his family.  Rowan truly wishes he could play with Julian here on Earth, but is so grateful that God allows him to do so in his dreams of heaven.

Please keep Julian's family in your prayers, this weekend especially, as the one year anniversary arrives.

In loving memory of Julian Andrade...


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