"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Even if I couldn't help all of my friends, I hope I did enough to help at least one person...whether it's my friend or someone else's...it's worth it!

Today was another big day for Rowan.  It was the second year in a row that he had his head shaved at one of the St. Baldrick's events, to help raise money for pediatric cancer research.  Last year, he shaved in honor of Jalene.  She passed away the next day, so this year he wanted to shave in her memory.  He also decided to do it to honor his other friends who have battled, are battling, or have passed away from cancer.  

So, today started out being for: Jalene, Julian, Erik, Jaylin's friend Zaraiyah, Charlotte, Sophia, Loren, Jaylin, Daniel, Hiromi, Mason, CJ, Mario, & Ava.  In the end though, Rowan had a revelation.  He realized that it wasn't just about his friends.  As we went to bed tonight he told me: "Even if I couldn't help all of my friends, I hope I did enough to help at least one person...whether it's my friend or someone else's...it's worth it!"

The before pictures: With some of the other members of Team "Shaving Lives 2.0" from Methodist Children's Hospital and Children's Cancer and Blood Center.

It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!

Men, women and children shaved, some with very long hair! (Look at the braid she is holding:)

Just before Rowan went up with his team, he said "Wait, I have to do something one more time."  And he flipped his long hair side to side and back and forth:)

Then he lined up with one of the hem/onc nurses who has cared for him since before he was 2 years old, Carlos, who was also shaving today.

When it was Rowan's turn, I suddenly got nervous for him, wondering if he would change his mind.

Boy was I wrong! He never wavered.  As a matter of fact, he beamed from ear to ear the whole time!

He was so happy to be doing this...

(Carlos and Rowan:)

Bald IS beautiful!


So proud of this kid...for his heart, for his fundraising efforts, and for his strength.  He said he wanted to do it, he did it, he enjoyed it...and he rocked it!

It took a little getting used to being bald again...

He tried to flip his hair from side to side and back and forth again...

I even caught him using his medal as a mirror several times;)

He looked just as gorgeous bald as he did with a full head of red hair (if you ask me:)...

The "after" pictures with some of his team members...

Thank you to everyone who thanked Rowan today, supported him, came out to see him shave his head, etc.  He has such a wonderful support system of friends.

(Rowan is especially fond of you KylieAnn:)

After the head shaving was done, I got to witness Rowan, sit in a tree, enjoying the breeze, watch the bagpipes, check his raffle ticket numbers to see if he won, etc.  All the while, smiling, being goofy, and just plain enjoying life.  It was such a joyful site...one I will treasure forever.

We both left so happy, so fulfilled.  

He proudly held his St. Baldrick's Shavee Medal in the car... 

and wore his participant t-shirt all night tonight...

But it isn't just about those "things". It's about the people, the lives affected by childhood cancer, the lives lost, and even the friendships gained.  Rowan could not have done so well today without the help of so many of you.  Your donations helped him raise $1080 today!  Every time I look at Rowan's bald beautiful head (scars and all), I will think of Jalene, and the 13 other young people that he shaved for today, the 22 friends and strangers who donated to this cause for him, and the countless others that are similarly affected by childhood cancer.  As Rowan said, even if we can't help them all, even if one person's life is changed for the better, it's well worth it...whether they are our friend or someone else's.

Thank you all.  God bless!

In loving memory of...




Jaylin's friend Zaraiyah 

In honor of...











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