"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, April 17, 2015

Seattle Trip Number Three... Part 2: "The Fun Stuff"

While we were there in Seattle, aside from all the doctor's appointments, we did get to have some fun too.  Since they cancelled his in-patient motility testing, we had 2 days off during the middle of the week, and we also had time on the weekend, after all of our appointments.  Here are some pictures of the adventures we fit in...

Easter away from home wasn't so bad after all, since the Easter Bunny found out where Rowan would be, decorated his hotel room, and left him an Easter Basket filled with soccer ball eggs and iron man eggs:)

Hotel Deca made it extra special as well, with an egg hunt in the lobby, just for Rowan.

We did have to miss Church unfortunately.  The hotel staff was kind and thoughtful enough to print us local Easter service times, but since Rowan had to go to the hospital early Easter morning, we weren't able to make any of them.  He and I still made sure to talk about what Easter is truly all about though, and Rowan said he wore one of his special crosses that day because it reminded him about Jesus giving his life for us.

We had some wonderful meals while we were in Seattle, and Rowan was able to find lots and lots of yummy french fries and hash browns.  He and I had lots of fun, on our little "dates" alone, especially at our new favorite Greek restaurant Costa's

(No, he did not come close to eating all of these hashbrowns:)

(Yes, we both kept ordering the same thing...but it was so good!)

(He was such an entertaining date.  He can have fun, even with his own feeding tubes:)

Rowan and I met an old friend of mine for dinner one night and walked around at Alki Beach.  It was so pretty.  Rowan said he didn't even know there was sand in Seattle, so he really enjoyed that.  He wanted a frisbee or a football, but it was Easter Sunday and all of the stores were closed.  Next time we go back, I promised to bring him back to that beach with something fun to throw:)

My brother in law, sister in law and nephew were spending their Spring Break in Portland, so they took a train to Seattle to spend our 2 days off with us.  They live in LA now, and we hadn't seen each other in a very long time, so that was a real treat.  Rowan and Preston were so cute walking together, everywhere we went.  We visited Pike Place Market and the EMP Museum with them, and had a lot of fun.

The EMP Museum had the coolest Star Wars Costume Exhibit...with the REAL costumes from the movies! Very cool.

They also had several music exhibits and art pieces, as well as an Indie video game design exhibit...

And Rowan caught one of his favorite songs by Adam Levine from Maroon 5 on a HUGE screen.

Unfortunately all of the flashing bright lights really got to Rowan though, especially in the Star Wars Exhibit Entrance, and they caused him to start having a seizure.  Thankfully, Uncle Shannon carried him down the steps and out of the exhibit.  It took Rowan a while to calm down, and he begged to leave, saying "the lights are just too much."

Once we left, he was just fine. And it was so great for these two cousins to get to hang out together.  It had been way, way too long!

(Thanks for the ginormous jaw-breaker Preston.)

(One of my favorites...above)

(We love you Preston!)

And we love you Seattle...

As you can see, despite all of the doctor appointments, we did our best to spend as much time as possible making memories along the way:)

Two more of our bigger adventures need posts of their very own, so look out for those soon!
Coming Soon:

Part 3: "Super Heroes at the Museum of Flight!"

and Part 4: "More Big-Footing!

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