"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another precious part of Jalene's Garden..."right side up hearts".

There were two things that happened today regarding the planning of Jalene's garden that were so special to me. This post will be short and sweet, but they were both too precious for me to go to sleep tonight without sharing with you...

First, as I mentioned in last night's post, the company planning the memorial garden for Jalene's family asked Rowan for ideas as to what should be in the plans.  As if that wasn't enough, today they emailed me and told me that they would love Rowan to design the entire memorial, and that they plan on being "under his direction" the day of the event.  I told Rowan about this, and you would not believe his huge, ear-to-ear, beaming, grin and puffed-out chest.  He was so excited to be the "project manager":)  A few hours later, I asked Rowan, "Do you want to go with me to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot sometime this weekend, to look for more ideas for her garden?"  He thought for a minute, got an even bigger grin and said, "Mom...if I'm the one in charge, wouldn't YOU be coming with ME?" ... He is truly taking this job to heart!

Then, Jalene's Mom sent me some photos tonight of a very special wind chime that Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf) had given them in Jalene's memory.  It is SO beautiful, and Rowan can't wait to use it in the memorial garden. (You will find out later why wind chimes are an extra special part of this garden, according to Rowan:)  For now, the thing that I'll share that was special about tonight's texting back and forth with Jen, is that when Rowan saw these pictures, the first thing he noticed was the flower stands in the back ground.

He immediately said, "Mommy, those need to have lots of pretty flowers coming out of them for Jalene's garden."  I told Jen, and she said that we could use them.  I explained to her that Rowan loved them because he saw "upside-down hearts" at the bottom of them.  When I told Jen that, she let me know that the planters were actually upside down in the picture, but if he wanted them that way, they would probably work that way too.  I let Rowan know that they could go either way, and then he blew us away once again, saying: "Well, I know our hearts are upside down because she is gone, but they should be right side up that she is in a better place, so right side up...so they remind us to be happy."

There you have it...lesson learned.  We will be using the planters in Jalene's Garden, right side up, and better yet...we all need to try to: "turn our hearts right side up and be happy"!

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