"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Thank you for still being with me and taking care of me Chrissie, even 6 years later..."

Today marks the anniversary of Chrissie Patterson's passing.  She was just 4 years old when she died, and Rowan was only 3.  They have an unearthly connection that can only be explained by God.  She visits him in his dreams regularly, and even recently he saw her angel in the corner of his PICU room when his BP started crashing and there was a room full of doctors and nurse working on him.   He cried happy tears and waved up at her, smiling from ear to ear. Rowan always visit her grave on this day, and takes her Mommy flowers.  I don't believe he's missed it even once in the past 6 years.  Here are the precious photos from this evening, while he honored his very first angel friend, Chrissie.  Of course Rowan spotted several "signs" from Chrissie while we there, which made him very happy.  And when he knelt down to say a prayer, he thanked her for them all.

He brought pink roses and tulips for Lorraine...

One perfect pink rose for Chrissie...

He drew this picture for Chrissie's Mommy, so she could see what he saw in his hospital room last month...Chrissie's angel watching over him, right by the clock:)

He loves how the pink iron around her grave looks like hearts.  He placed her rose on top of one, but then said that he wished he had brought her 12 more... one for each heart on the fence.


Rowan said that the muddy areas on either side of the stone at the foot of her grave looked like angel wings...

Then he saw a cloud in the shape of a heart, just over the pond that Chrissie loved so much...

He thanked God, and Chrissie for the signs...

and then he cried out, "Thank you for still being with me and taking care of me Chrissie, even 6 years later."

We had brought one more special gift with us today...one that we had for Chrissie's older sister Meribeth.  I used some of Chrissie's old clothes and made Meribeth a special quilt from the material.  She had no idea I had been working on this, so she was pretty excited, and surprised, when she opened the gift bag.

I just loved watching Lorraine and Meribeth look over every inch of the quilt, remembering the different outfits.  They would say "Oh, look, remember this jacket", or "Oh yeah, these were those pink pants", or "Aw, her Make-a-wish shirt!".  It filled my heart with joy, to see the clothes bringing back such good memories, especially on the anniversary of a very sad day in their lives.

I took great care to save the buttons, snaps, trim, ruffles, etc from the clothes, because I knew it would help them remember dressing little Chrissie in these adorable outfits every day that they shared with her here on Earth.

I kept the pockets in tact as well, because it made me smile to think of what treasures this little four year old girl probably kept in those pockets of hers:)

Thank you Lorraine and Matt, for opening up your doors, your ranch, and your hearts to Rowan and I once again today, especially on such an emotional day for your family.

We pray for peace and joy to fill your hearts and your home tonight (and always) as you honor and remember your angel, Christyn Joy Patterson.

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