"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're Matchers! ..."Just another reason I love my life, like REALLY love my life!"

Well, I received "THE" email from Seattle today.  I called Rowan in to read it himself, which he did.

He pretended to pass out for a minute...

Then he sat up and thought for a minute...

Then he smiled big with tears in his eyes...

When we went downstairs, and Brian, Cindy and I talked to him about the news, he started to make this sign...

Cindy, Rowan and I got in the car to go meet up with Zoe to give her the news, and then to pick up Ian from school to give him the news...

First off, was Zoe, because she had just gotten off of work... 

We met her in the parking lot after work and Rowan showed her this sign...

...then, Rowan flipped the sign and gave her the big news!

She was a little bit in shock at first...

But they jumped into each others arms within minutes!

Her reply was "I knew it would be me, you're my ginger twin!"

Next up, was to go pick up Ian from school, and break the news to him...

Unfortunately, Ian was not a match for Rowan.  As much as Ian wanted to be, and as much as Rowan wanted him to be (Rowan hoped it would be Ian because Zoe historically has been afraid of needles or anything medical.), it just wasn't God's plan.  Rowan was so afraid that Ian would be upset.  He told me, "Mom, go get him the biggest thing of ice cream you can find first.  He is not going to be too happy that he's not my match."

As we pulled up to pick up Ian, Rowan said, "Mom, I got this.  Let me break it to him first."

Which he did. 
Rowan told Ian immediately, "Dude, I'm sorry Ian, but it's not you.  It's Zoe.  She's my match".

Ian was a little bummed that it wasn't him at first, but was so grateful (as we all were/are) that it looks like Rowan does have a sibling match after all.

Lots of emotions floating around this house today...
Joy.  Excitement.  Shock.  Fear.  Relief.  Hope.  Faith.  

Rowan and I leave within the next couple weeks to go to Seattle to meet with the transplant board and the other specialists and discuss the plan/timeline, but today's email was really, really big news!

A few minutes after we got home from picking Ian up from school, Rowan asked me if he could sit outside on the back step.  I checked on him a few minutes later, and found this...

...a very contemplative, yet still smiling little boy.
I asked him if he was ok?

He smiled and answered, "Yeah, I'm just chill-ax-in out here. It's such a pretty day and I'm just so happy.  I can't believe Zoe and Ian say they would both do this for me.  I wanted it to be Ian because he isn't afraid of pokes, but if Zoe is ok with it too, wow... I really have the best siblings in the world...both of them!"
"Just another reason I like, REALLY, love my life!"

Praising God today!
... and Seattle Children's Hospital, for encouraging the bone marrow typing, and for requesting the blood from Zoe and Ian, and San Antonio's Children's Cancer & Blood Center for drawing and sending Zoe and Ian's labs, and all of you, our friends, family and prayer warriors, for supporting us through this process.  When Rowan and I return from our next Seattle Trip (in March), we will know if this is a go or not, and if so, when.  We ask that you continue to pray for clarity and safety and peace and health for Rowan, Zoe and the rest of our family.

Our last request comes from Rowan...
"Love your life!  Like, REALLY love your life.  I do.  You should too."


  1. I don't know you personally, Rowan, but I've following your progress on FB. You are such a courageous and strong young man, such an inspiration to me. AND you're awfully cute! I'll be praying for you!

  2. I feel like I have known you for a long time but we actually have never met. I fist was introduced to you through Chrissie. Since then, I have prayed for you hundreds of times. We really have an amazing Lord and Savior. He has amazing things planned for you. Love, Vickie in MN.

  3. I cried this morning when I heard your story. It made me think about getting tested to become a bone marrow donor. How and where do I go to start the process? thanks tracy.champagne@eatel.net

    1. Thanks Tracy. It literally takes 5 seconds to swab your cheek :) You can contact "Be the Match" online or by phone and ask for them to send you a bone marrow registry kit. You swab your cheek and mail it back in. They will run the tests and add you to the national registry, and you will be contacted if they ever match you up as a potential donor for someone.

  4. What an inspirational story, may God bless you and your family. I love your fighting spirit Rowan, you are a truly living life despite your obstacles wow that's one mighty cool 8 year old

  5. What an inspirational story, may God bless you and your family. I love your fighting spirit Rowan, you are a truly living life despite your obstacles wow that's one mighty cool 8 year old