"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, September 19, 2014

"There are good people everywhere...you just have to go meet them."

When we were in Seattle this past August, most of the time was already planned for Rowan.  He had lots of doctor appointments, plus his bone marrow aspirate and biopsy at the hospital.  One night when we had a little down time though, Rowan and I shared some fries and had a drink at the hotel bar.  Our bartender/server was a really nice local guy who took great care of us.  He was trying to give Rowan some recommendations of where he should go sight see, and where to go eat.  Rowan told him he could only eat potatoes though and that he was there because he had doctor appointments and a bone marrow biopsy.  This started a conversation, and the sweet bartender really showed a lot of care and concern about Rowan.  He asked us our names, how long we would be there at the hotel, when Rowan's procedure was, etc.  He was such a nice man.
The day after Rowan's BMB, we received a call to our room that there were tickets waiting for us at the Seattle Aquarium, provided by our new sweet friend at the hotel bar.  Brian, Rowan and I went down to the Aquarium the next day.  When we went to the front desk and told them that Daniel sent us, they immediately pulled out an envelope from under the desk.  Not only were our admission passes taken care of, but Rowan had a $50.00 Gift Shop Gift Card as well.  We were blown away.  What a nice gesture from a virtual stranger.
Here are the pictures from our visit to the Aquarium.  What a special day.  What a great gift we were given...(and I don't just mean monetarily).



Rowan has wanted to hold my hand every night when we fall asleep, ever since he saw this t-shirt in Seattle:)

He loved the Octopus...

Except when the tentacles grabbed him...

and when they looked like they were sucking his brains...

The Star Fish were cool...
The Jelly Fish were awesome...

 (Love the wonder in his face in this one...)


There were so many beautifully colored fish and coral...

Rowan also really liked the seals...
But his favorite exhibit, by far, was the Otters!!!

He watched them for a very long time...

We were so very grateful for the family time, especially after the long week of doctor appointments and procedures.

 And Rowan made sure to make Daniel a special thank you picture card just before we left the hotel, and we dropped it off at the bar for him.  I hope it made it's way to him, or that he finds this blog post... because he should know how extremely grateful we are for his kindness and generosity, and he should see what a great time Rowan had at the Seattle Aquarium, all because of him. 

After we dropped off Rowan's picture at the hotel bar, Rowan told me "There ARE good people everywhere, you just have to go meet them."
Thank you Daniel, for being one of those "good people".
Rowan is right you know... there are good people everywhere, and I hope you all get to go meet some yourselves today:)


  1. Hello Rowan. I hope your doing well there buddy. This is Daniel in Seattle. I'm very happy that you, your mom and dad all had a great time at the Aquarium. Thanks for the very nice comments your family posted here about me ; And thanks also for the card , pictures and the bracelet. So kind of you.
    my email address is darkknight339@hotmail.com
    Oh , if your happen to be back in Seattle at the end of March , I'd love to take you to a event I attend every year : Emerald City ComicCon.
    Hundreds of people dressed up as their favorite superheroes or villain , as well as Cartoon , Sci-fi and movie characters. Ton's of comic books , cool art work , great t-shirts jewelry and clothing. Also tv and movie stars and artist. A real great time.

    Give me a call sometime. Take care buddy.

  2. Hi there!
    My name is Anna and I work in the Marketing department at the Seattle Aquarium. One of our staff members forwarded your blog post to me and I was so glad to read about the great experience you had with us. Would it be okay if I shared your post on our social media outlets? Please let me know at a.mcallister@seattleaquarium.org. Thanks!