"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"I call this a GREAT day...because we gave so much."

Yesterday was a long, long, day.  Rowan had an early doctor appointment in San Antonio, we dropped off Ian at school in New Braunfels on the way, then we had several errands to run in San Antonio, picked Ian back up from school in New Braunfels and finally, Rowan had his 3 hour play practice in the evening, back in San Antonio once again.  When he and I were driving home after all this running around (sometime after 9:00 pm), Rowan said "Mom, this is what I call a great day." I asked him why.  His answer..."because we gave so much!"  I hadn't really thought about our day that way, but as he started to explain to me, I saw what he meant.  And please know that I am not bragging about what we "gave", I am only sharing these pictures and these words, because of the great message/lesson that Rowan helped me find in it all... I'll explain at the end...

Our first errand yesterday was dropping off a box of art therapy supplies that we were donating to the Art Therapist on Staff at Methodist Children's Hospital.  During his last infusion clinic visit she shared a Lakeshore Wish List with me, and we were able to buy more than half of her list of supplies through The Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation. 


Rowan slept through that first delivery, but the Art Therapist was thrilled to receive all the arts and crafts goodies and will be able to use them for lots and lots of patients at Children's Cancer and Blood Clinic and Methodist Children's Hospital.

The next stop was to drop off a box of yummy treats to the nurses and office staff at Pediatric Specialists of Texas.  They have been working extra hard to help us get insurance approval for the genetic testing on Zoe and Ian, and sending records to Seattle Children's for Rowan's trip, etc. 
We wanted to show them our appreciation with some goodies from Nadler's Bakery.
(Aren't the mice adorable:)

Our third stop was so that Rowan could give a gift to Deanna Wilks of Special Spaces of San Antonio.  She is the one who made Rowan's Iron Man Room makeover happen last December. 
At that time he presented her with a James Avery Charm Bracelet.  We thought it would be nice for her to add a new charm each time she completed another makeover, one that would remind her of that particular child and their new room.  Yesterday, Rowan gave her the first charm, the one to remind her of him and his awesome Iron Man room.

The last stop was to deliver some home-cooked food to a dear friend who has been having some health issues recently.  Rowan helped me prepare the food the night before. 

He even peeled the garlic for me:)

So, once Rowan pointed out all the ways we "gave" yesterday,
 he said "See, that is why I call this a great day".  
We talked about what was better giving or getting. 
Rowan says "giving is way better."
I asked him why and he said,
"Well, it is fun to get, but that only helps yourself. 
And, if you give, that is much better because you can help a lot of people,
and that creates a better future for everyone." 
Rowan never ceases to amaze me.  If you haven't ever had a conversation with Rowan, you might not believe that a seven year old says things like this.  If you have met him though, then you know...he says things like this all the time!  He gives me constant Godly life lessons and reminders.
So, I hope everyone has a day as "great" as Rowan and I did yesterday...
and that you give more than you get:)

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