"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rowan's Poem for his "Special Friend" Chrissie

Next week, October 8th, is Rowan's special angel friend Chrissie's birthday.  As I started planning her birthday cake for this year, which we have made for her family the past couple years (since her death), I realized that I never posted pictures from Rowan's trip to her grave this past May (on the anniversary of the day she earned her angel wings).  It could've been a sad day, but Rowan and I always see it as a day to celebrate her life, and we try to bless her family on that day each year.  Here are some pictures of Rowan, during that visit this past May. 
He brought her flowers and balloons as always...


...but he also brought some very special gifts this time...
a wooden plaque that we wood burned his handwriting into, for her gravesite


...and a poem.  Rowan started the poem a couple years ago (telling me what to write down for him in bed one night).  I put the notes in a drawer and forgot about them for quite a while, but pulled it back out and Rowan finished it two years later, right before our visit this year.  I only had to help him with a couple words/rhymes.  The sentiment was ALL his.  It is such a sweet tribute to his special friend.

 Praying for his friend, and her sweet family again. 
 These two days of the year: October 8th (her Earthly birthday) and
May 19th (her Welcome to Heaven day) are very special to Rowan,
but God also uses them to bless me immensely. 
 I am blown away as I watch Rowan's faith and heart shine
as he handles such a difficult thing for a little boy, death of a little one his age.
He proves to me time and time again though, that he understands things far beyond his years,
 and our visits to the Patterson Ranch, and Chrissie's grave, remind me:
"Faith makes things possible, it does not make them easy."

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  1. Little Chrissie is forever in my heart and through her love we found our own Little Chrissie. As we said our goodbyes to our precious Angel Gennie I know in Heaven Chrissie is watching over her for us. In life sometimes there are just some children that are beyond beautiful but beautiful and heart and soul.. What a precious memory of Little Chrissie.. God Bless you little man and may your life be forever in love with your Little Chrissie..