"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, May 28, 2012

"My hero is my five year old brother" ~ written by Ian Windham

About a week ago, Ian wrote the following paper for his 6th grade English class. My heart nearly burst with pride and joy. I'm warning you...get out your tissues, it's a doozy! I am not going to correct his spelling, punctuation or facts (i.e. # of brain surgeries), I don't think I need to. It's the sentiment and heart-felt emotion that is important. I hope it blesses you even half as much as it did me.
"My hero is my five year old brother Rowan and the funny thing is "rowan" means "adorned with red" and he has red hair and pale white skin. One reason he's my hero is because he is so brave and has had more than 50 sergerys, five or ten brain sergerys, and he will cry when I don't play with him, but not during sergery. He has spent more of his life in the hospital than the house.
Rowan is just so faithful. For example last year a girl he knew died and at the beach he wrote that he missed her and loved her in the sand and a minute later a rainbow appeared and he said "Mom she's smiling". He is also very cheerful, he can turn any mournful subject into one of blissful joy. He's a dreamer too. He hardly ever looks to the past, his mind is set to the future. But his most miraculous trait is one unknown to him and its his amazing power to inspire.
If I wrapped him as a gift he would be wrapped with red fabric with crosses sewn in and on the address it would say "to all who need that little touch of joy in thier life."
Rowan I just want to say thank you for all the things and people you've inspired and most if all thanks for being such a great brother. You are truely blessed by God and a blessing to us all."
I am so proud of Ian for writing this, so grateful that he sees these things in Rowan, rather than feeling jealous of all the attention Rowan takes away from him. I'm in awe of the continued joys that we are able to experience, and immeasurably blessed at how we continue to see God despite all of Rowan's serious health issues and battles.
Here is a picture of Rowan kissing a picture of Ian, from inside his hospital crib. During Rowan's extended hospital stays, I always try to keep pictures of Ian and Zoe nearby. We have spent so many days apart due to his hospital stays, but it remains crucial to us that our family remains close...whatever it takes.
Here is a recent picture of Ian and Rowan in Rowan's ICU hospital bed while he was hospitalized for 2 weeks battling a life-threatening septic infection. Brian tries to bring the kids up to visit on the weekends whenever possible. Again, we do the best we can do, under the circumstances.
After reading Ian's paper, I guess we are doing something right:-)


  1. You guys are an amazing family. I agree with your 6th grade son, Rowan is a hero. But the way I see it every member of you family is a hero. May God bless you and keep you.

  2. You all r a wonderful family truely bless! Keep up the great job you guys do as a whole family!

  3. Ian, you are one amazing big brother. Your essay is fabulous and your selfless love is inspiring. Carrie, yes, you and Brian are very obviously doing MANY things right!!!!!!!! We LOVE y'all!!!