"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, March 21, 2011

"...But today could be better..."

Sorry I haven't posted a blog for a couple weeks. Rowan's been running fever for several weeks with his neupogen bone marrow infusions and then spiked a high fever on St. Patrick's Day, landing us back int he hospital last week. We are still here while he battles a septic infection, with two different bacterial bugs in his bloodstream. He has been getting 6 rounds of iv antibiotics each day. And now he's come down with some type of "normal sickness" while he is here too, and is running a fever again and has a nasty cough. They just did a chest xray to check on that and we are waiting for results. He is supposed to be getting another neupogen infusion here today as well as an echocardiagram to check for colonization of bacteria in the heart wall. Yesterday we had a little mis-hap with his g-tube, breaking off a piece of plastic inside it so we had to remove the end of his tube, clamp him off with hemastats and try to find someone to repair it.

Despite all of this, Rowan has kept his ever-positive outlook. This morning when he woke up, after a rough night of fevers, coughing fits and waves of nausea, Rowan woke up with this wise statement..."well yesterday was horrible but the good thing is that we wake up every day until we die and the new day COULD be better...and today WILL be better".

Gotta love this kid!

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  1. Sweet boy, praying for you and your mommy. KEep your chin up! = /hugs