"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Monday, April 24, 2017

"My God-Wink-Walk-A-Bout" today...alone, but not alone

It was a gorgeous day to be outside, so I decided to go on an adventure...by myself, for 12 hours. I ended up not really feeling alone at all though, as you will see...  

First, I left New Braunfels, went to San Antonio to run a few quick errands, then drove to Kerrville, to the Empty Cross.  I sat down to read a special book, that was gifted to me by one of Rowan's nurses from Seattle, who happened to have been a nurse of his here in Texas prior to that.  She has known us for several years, and is more than one of Rowan's caregivers...she is the sweetest, most precious friend to me as well.

Chapter One talked about how God gives us personal messages, or little winks, to let us know that he is there paying attention to us, or to show us that our loved ones are near.

(Yes my bookmark is a picture of Rowan:)

Right after I read chapter one, I walked around the grounds, and the first rock I noticed in the prayer garden was the one in the middle that said "Hope".  I looked up to the left and saw the rock that was heart shaped too.  Both of those are very personal to me...Rowan's GOC name is "Hope" and he saw hearts in everything (even scars and wounds).

I continued my drive, and went on to Fredericksburg, Texas, to Enchanted Rock State Park.  As most of you know, that was Rowan's favorite place, and where he felt closest to God.  It is where we climbed and blew bubbles for his Celebration of Life. 

Before I could even open my car door to get out of the car, an orange ladybug landed on my finger!  Orange!  Again, a sign from Rowan, and a wink from God.

I climbed up the rocks and then sat down on the beautiful granite to read Chapter Two of the book: "Winks of Hope & Reassurance".

It is such a special book, and reminds me of Rowan so very much.  He always, always looked for signs.  And always shared them with me, and with his angel friends' Mommies.  I don't think a week of his life ever went by that he didn't point, smile, look up to the sky, or down on the ground, shout "look, Mom", or wake up from a dream having seen signs.  Often it was daily! They were everywhere for him.  Most of the posts in this blog, as a matter of fact, are about his ability to see the signs that God showed him.  So this book is perfect for me!

I climbed a bit more, and of course...more Rowan signs...more God winks.  My walk was filled with orange and with hearts.  Rowan would have it no other way!

I stopped at a restaurant after I left Enchanted Rock, and I read some more.  It was like Rowan was talking to me, himself...

He used to tell me all the time, "Anyone can see the signs, they just have to take the time to look for them."  or  "God gives us all signs, Mommy.  I just choose to see them."

Thank you for this book Angel. 
Thank you for the signs Rowan. 
Thank you for the winks God.

I am a bit sunburned (oops), but I spent my entire day away from the house, at some of the most beautiful places in Texas...alone, but not alone...reading, and looking for and seeing the signs.

It was a "God-Wink-Walk-A-Bout".

I highly suggest the book, the itinerary, and keeping your eyes open for your own God winks.

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