"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"God gives us all signs like this... I choose to see them..."

Today marked the 5 year anniversary of Rowan's angel friend Chrissie going to heaven.  Chrissie is the little girl that was moved into PICU 1 back in 2010, just as Rowan was moved out of it, to a room on the 3rd floor.  Rowan and Chrissie each spent 31 days hospitalized that time.  Then, the night Rowan was discharged home with us, Chrissie died and went home to be with Jesus.  They never actually "met" each other in person or in the flesh while they were alive, but according to Rowan, they did "meet" one night in the hospital during that stay, when both of them lay critically ill, him spiking a 106.7 fever, her chest being opened back up for emergency heart surgery.  From that point on, the connection he has had to her angel and her family has been truly out of this world.  He knows things about her that he just couldn't possibly know, he dreams about her, gives her family messages from her, etc.  These stories have been such a blessing to both of our families over the years, and have been such a message of faith, peace and hope for many more.

 To read about that first encounter see this post...



Rowan and I both donned our "Boss your heart" shirts this morning, in Chrissie's memory, and wore them to Rowan's infusion clinic appointment.  

After that, we drove out to visit her grave site and leave her and her Mommy some gifts.  

Rowan has done this every year for the past five years, and without fail, every year something wonderful happens while we are there.  This year was no different.

Here are the pictures of him when we first arrived.

Rowan had this gigantic, colorful butterfly balloon to tie on the fence surrounding her grave.

...which he lovingly did...

Then, he placed a pink mosaic butterfly stepping stone near the grave.  It is exactly like one that he placed in Jalene's memorial garden last week.  Rowan said that they should both have one, since now they are friends together in heaven.  He wanted it to be the pink one, because they both liked pink.  

(Later this evening, Rowan told me, "Mom, remember how Jalene told God to make it all pink right before she died...well, since Chrissie was already there in Heaven, I'm pretty sure she already made sure it was all pink for Jalene:)

Rowan looked very contemplative for a few moments, and then knelt down, staring off...

I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer for her, and he did.  It was so sweet, and so special as always.

When it was time for us to go, we started walking back towards the car.  I turned to take one last picture, and I noticed a butterfly flutter past me.  It was yellow.  I said, "Rowan come here, look, a yellow butterfly."  He walked all the way back to where I was, next to Chrissie's grave and a second yellow butterfly joined the first one...as they landed on the only flower in the yard...a pink one (of course).  His eyes, and his smile, got so big!  We couldn't believe that we saw two perfect little yellow butterflies land on the only flower we could see on the property, and that it was a pink flower at that.  He said, "It's Chrissie & Jalene, and they're telling me they're ok.  It's another sign from God."

I love that we always see special things like this, when we are out there honoring Chrissie...rainbows, butterflies, single rays of sunshine shining down from heaven, a dozen red birds landing at once, Chrissie's horse crossing a field and putting it's nose right in Rowan's hand, etc.

But more importantly, I love that Rowan says these are "signs from God".  I love the faith that he has, and his open eyes and heart.

Tonight, I asked him if he thought God sends signs like that to everyone.  His answer was simple, perfect, and wise.  He said, "I think God gives us all signs like this, you just have to look for them.  Some people only focus on the bad though, so they miss the signs.  I choose to see them."

Thanks for the reminder, Rowan.

I'm going to choose to see the signs too...how 'bout you?

We love you Matt & Lorraine, and the entire Patterson Family.
Thank you for allowing us to share in your sadness and in your joy.

In memory of Christyn Joy Patterson
10/8/05  -  5/19/10

(Rowan loves this one the best because it's all pink and yellow, just like Jalene's garden.  He is just positive that they are best friends up there in heaven.  Two four year old angels, playing dress up and chasing butterflies together.)

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