"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rowan's 8th Birthday...

Now that we have gotten back out from the hospital in San Antonio, and before we leave soon for Seattle Children's Hospital, I wanted to take a moment to post pictures of Rowan's 8th birthday.  He had just gotten home from the Kidd's Kids Golf Tournament in New Orleans late the night before, and he ended up going back into the hospital the morning after...but we did manage to have a nice family celebration in between... and we were so grateful that he was able to stay out of the hospital for his actual birth-"day".

The birthday boy!

Everybody knows how much he LOVES pajamas,
and he really loved these Charlie Brown pjs.

We surprised him with a picnic / buffet at the pool...
with plenty of potato chips, tater tots, and candy for Rowan:)

His best-friend and nurse Cindy was able to come with us too.

He thought it was pretty funny that he was eating "pik-nik" potatoes while on a "picnic".

And he really enjoyed swimming with Zoe and Ian...

For dinner he had a happy birthday baked potato...

He got some new sketch books and pens...
which he was thrilled about.
He draws so much, fills up almost a full sketchbook a week these days.

Everyone also knows how into "Finding Bigfoot" Rowan is,
and how much he is looking forward to going "Squatchin" again in Seattle this month.
So, most of his birthday gifts were Bigfoot themed.
He absolutely flipped!

Mommy and Daddy love you Rowan!


Ian got Rowan Mousetrap, one of Ian's favorite old games,
because Rowan had actually never played it before.

...and a card holder for when they play Uno together
(because Rowan always has to spread his cards out all over the floor and tell Ian not to look).

Zoe got Rowan some very special gifts too...
one of his new favorite movies, a school lunch tray (he actually asked for one:),
and of course...a fun light up tub light for bath-time.

Rowan obviously can't eat cake and ice-cream...

but he did get to blow out a candle on his blue jello:)
Here was Rowan early the next morning...back in the ER septic.
Of course we felt bad for him, coming in the day after his birthday...

But, we thanked God that this was him the day of his birthday...
and that he was able to celebrate turning 8, at home!
Praying for and looking forward to many more birthdays,
hopefully with all of them or at least most of them...at home:)

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