"Our Little Trooper"

"Our Little Trooper"
"Let me live, that I may praise you!" Psalm 119:175

Friday, November 22, 2013

"My life is a treasure chest!"

As many of you know, Rowan has had a pretty difficult year medically speaking, with many repeat hospitalizations and multiple surgical procedures, some just a week apart at times, and two more coming up within the next two weeks.  You would think that would get to him, get him down, make him mad or sad, or cause some negative feelings...but not Rowan.  As usual, Rowan thinks his life is GREAT!  In the past few months, Rowan has been honored by several different people, and they have given him items that he will treasure for years to come.  Gestures like these are a big part of the reason he is so happy.
In July he was blown away by the gifting of Matt Ducote's personal fire helmet in New Orleans.  Then the Terrytown Fire Department made him an honorary operator and gave him badges, patches, a hat, uniforms, etc.
At the Toughest Dog in Texas competition last month some of the participants from Lackland Air Force  Base gave Rowan a stuffed K9 dog named "Hero" and an official K9 coin.
At the same competition, Sheriff Bob Holder made Rowan a Junior Deputy and pinned a Sheriff's badge on him.
A week later Rowan was invited to be a VIP guest at the dedication of the working dog memorial at Lackland Air Force Base and he was given another special K9 coin, a memorial pin and a K9 badge.
All of these items are more than just tokens to him.  He, and our entire family, are blessed beyond measure at the efforts of these individuals and departments to make Rowan feel special.  And they should know, they have!
The other night at Rowan's play practice, his fellow cast members all signed a stuffed turkey for Rowan (who will play the part of "The Turkey" in Honk, Jr.).  They wanted him to have it to take with him to the hospital next week when he goes under anesthesia for his 65th medical procedure.  On the way home, Rowan told me:
 "I'm really gonna need a big chest for all my treasures now...
actually, my life is a treasure chest...because everything in it is so special!"
I was blown away.  How could he be so positively happy with all that he has been enduring!  But then I remembered, it's Rowan, and that's just how he is.  I believe God sent him here to put things in perspective for us all.  So, I hope this little story blesses you, like it did me when Rowan said it.  And that you all can feel as content and joyful as Rowan does.  Despite whatever troubles we are going through as individuals...our lives truly are treasure chests, if we just focus on all the special people and things in it. Thanks for the reminder Rowan:)


  1. Carrie, as a mother, I think I would have gone through all stages of grief many times with God. But, you... As a person who has gne through her own medical setbacks, I have found myself fighting the urge to give up. But, you... I went through a time when I didn't want to give (to anyone) anymore because I felt like so much was taken from me. But, you. You praised God anyway. You kept pushing and turned His TEST into your TESTimony. You gave all of yourself to your family and others. Carrie, I know you have a loving and supportive family - a devoted husband, and loving children - who ALL fearlessly walk with Rowan on his journey. You all make a perfect picture of what God's love looks like. Thank you for sharing a little of it with the rest of the world.

    1. La Tonya you are making me cry, your words are both kind and beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement. I don't even know how to respond, I am so very touched, but I wanted to say thank you at the very least. We love you so.